Your Guide To Choosing The Best Full HD Monitor

Your Guide To Choosing The Best Full HD Monitor

When it comes to computing, monitors are often put on the back burner. We care more about face processing and plenty of space.

In recent years computer monitors have gotten a huge upgrade. The days of low quality monitors are long gone!

Nowadays you can pair your high-speed computer with a full HD monitor.

Even if you use your computer for school work or web browsing, you can enjoy the crispness of 4k resolution. For more advanced needs, there are monitors that make graphics and designing much more intriguing.

Did you know that having a larger monitor can boost productivity by 10%?

Maximize your desk time with top-notch monitor! Keep reading for tips to choosing the best monitor for your needs.

Know Your Budget

As screen size increases, so does the price of the full HD monitor. Bigger screens need to accommodate the need for better resolution as well as monitor features.

When searching for the right monitor, budget matters. Most 24 inch monitors are under $150 while 34 inch monitors can cost more than $500.

If quality is important, stick with name brands to ensure durability.

Curved vs. Flat

In the television and monitor world, curves models are all the new hype. Curved models are a great way to get more width out of a monitor.

Curved monitors offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Match natural eye curvature
  • Higher contrast ratio
  • Reduced light leakage

If you're not ready for curved viewing yet, flat monitors work just as well.

Screen Size Matters

Monitor size is measured by the diagonal length of the screen.

Before purchasing a monitor, determine how much space you have. Your desk will need to be able to accommodate the monitor you choose.

Take measurements of your desk are and go from there. But if you're like most people, you want to get the biggest monitor possible.

Bigger monitors offer more real estate to do more work. This will boost your office productivity and efficiency.

Keep Future Needs in Mind

2018 will be a year of change for monitors. More companies are expected to integrate DisplayPort 1.4 as well as HDMI 2.1. Future monitors will also offer 5k and 8k resolutions.

If you're worried about having the latest and greatest, buy a monitor to tide you over until new models are released.

See It In Person

You wouldn't buy a television without seeing its displays in action. The same stands for a computer monitor.

When buying a full HD monitor, you want to get up-close and personal with it.

Take a look at the bezel. How do the colors and crispness compare to other monitors? Is the monitor big enough for your needs?

Seeing a monitor in person can make the decision process much easier.

Full HD Monitor: Wrap-up

The right monitor is a must if you work in a desk-based environment. Having the right monitor can boost productivity by allowing more work to be done at once.

Another way to boost company productivity is to use a high performance office suite.

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