Knock knock! Here is a work-from-home guideline for you!

Knock knock! Here is a work-from-home guideline for you!

May 11, 2021

Working from home now has just become a increasingly popular preference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While benefiting from this new way to work, do you suffer from the inefficiency that comes with it? Now read this work-from-home guideline and enrich both your work and your life!

1.Make a timetable
You might wanna say it hard to keep self-discipline at home because the environment at home is much more comfortable comparing to the office so that it’s easy to distract and slacken off. In regard to this, I recommend you to make a timetable everyday -like a personal SOP just for yourself- on which you should write clearly and in detail your personal and team work schedule, when to start work, when for lunch, when to start the afternoon work. Then, just like working in the office, after receiving the task set for yourself, you go to complete it on time. Remember, good execution is based on good plans. WPS Office Templates consists of various timetable templates which will help you better schedule your day.

Rest has an important impact on our working performance, even on our physical and mental health. After a period of work, about 40-50 minutes, you should stop working and have a break. Please don’t stare at your phone while resting, instead of this, looking out the window, having a cup of coffee, chatting with your friend are better choices because this kind of sensory and emotional rest is what can really help your body and your brain "recharge", and give you the energy and physical strength to continue working.

3.Reflection and review
After finishing a day of work, you should take some time off to reflex and review what you have done today. It doesn’t have to last long: 10-20 minutes are enough. Through this, you can summarize what mistakes or errors you have made today to avoid repeating them, meanwhile you can also look back what knowledge you have learned today to help you master them in the future. Most people ignore the necessity of introspection, but I would like to say it is the most crucial part for a better work tomorrow.

I guess you must benefit a lot from this guideline. Well, besides all those things mentioned above, a powerful and practical worktool is also necessary. So, work with your good partner WPS Office, start an efficient work from home!

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