Why Keeping An Idea Journal Could Actually Make You Smarter

Why Keeping An Idea Journal Could Actually Make You Smarter

A journal might seem like something you’d do when you’re a teen, but keeping an idea journal as an adult could make you smarter.
Your journal is just for you, so you don’t have to censor yourself or your ideas. No matter how absurd something seems, it’s worth writing down
Whether you’re using pen and paper or a word processor like WPS Writer, now’s the time to start an idea journal and reap the benefits.

Helps You Retain Knowledge
The process of thinking about something and writing it down helps you to better retain what you’ve learned. In fact, studies have found that keeping a small idea journal with lessons learned is a crucial part of cumulative learning. Write down ideas and inspiration as you discover them. If you don’t, you might forget. Writing them down helps you retain the thought so you’re more likely to act on it.

Reflect On Lessons Learned
Keeping an idea journal is different than keeping a diary. An idea journal is focused on ideas, goals, lessons and inspiration. When you’re working on a project, you’ll likely jot down the progress. If something went wrong, write about it. Taking the time to reflect on what happened and consider what you learned makes you a smarter person. Plus, it may even give you new ideas on how to do it better next time.

Encourages Exploration
Beatrix Potter, famous author, kept a coded journal for years. In it, she wrote all about her observations. It was her way of observing the world around her. In her journal, she was free to express her opinions, form her own ideas and even start working on characters for her future children’s books.
Exploring and observing the world outside of what your own norm makes you smarter. It gives you new viewpoints on the world. It helps you discover new hobbies and interesting people. It gives you ideas you would’ve never thought of otherwise.

Serves As Motivating Meditation
Writing in an idea journal is a form of meditation. The process of meditation by itself helps to make you smarter by reducing stress and improving brain function. In an idea journal, you’re also getting the benefit of motivation, which further reduces your stress. Sharing your ideas, even with your own journal, makes them more real. As you write over time, those ideas turn into goals. You might not share your goals with others, but your journal holds you accountable.
It’s a win-win situation. You feel more confident about your goals and meditation improves your brain so it’s easier to formulate plans to achieve your goals.

Improves Vocabulary
Your vocabulary is already extensive, but imagine what would happen if you wrote in an idea journal weekly or daily. You may not pay as much attention to yourself as you speak, but you can’t help but notice every single word as you write. Over time, you get smarter. You pay more attention to how sentences are phrased. You think more about what words to use. Instead of “I ran,” you might write “I leapt.” Writing often also changes how you speak, which means your friends will be impressed with your mastery of the English language.

Unleashes Your Creativity
How often do you feel limited in life? The more you hold your own self back, the more you hurt your own intelligence. You need room to think freely without fear of what others might think. An idea journal doesn’t laugh at you or tear you down for your ideas. Plenty of people probably thought Mark Zuckerberg was insane for wanting to create Facebook, but look at him now.
An idea journal encourages you to stop holding back. This means you’re willing to unleash your creativity and think about what you really want your life to be like. This leads to learning and trying new things.

What are you waiting for? Start keeping an ideal journal today. It’s as simple as typing or writing down all those incredible ideas you hide from the world.

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