Which Cloud Storage is Best for Storing Your WPS Files?

Which Cloud Storage is Best for Storing Your WPS Files?

The recent Ransomware attack on businesses, organizations and individuals across the globe has proven beyond all doubt the importance of two things - cybersecurity and backing up your files. This virus infected computers across the world, exploiting lax security protocols, old systems, and human error. It struck hundreds of thousands of devices in over 100 countries and made millions more consider their security.

Luckily for many, Microsoft released an emergency patch for Windows XP - the first update for XP since 2014, and a Malware expert found an emergency brake to stop the virus for now. It highlights the need to not only keep up-to-date with cybersecurity but to backup all files as often as possible. There are several ways to do this. For example, to back files up on offline drives or isolated computers, to disks (though this would take forever) or USB drives. All of these, however, can become infected by malware if the wrong file is uploaded.

The one super-safe and near unlimited source of encrypted storage is actually on the cloud. Not only does it work as a means of transforming business activity, but it is a back up with a back up. The question then turns to which cloud storage provider is the best for a company. Naturally, there are many options in this growing market.

Research has shown that the best online backup service for businesses is Carbonite followed by Crashplan Online Backup PRO, and Backblaze. Each one has its pros and its cons, so any business looking to protect themselves from ransomware attacks and others, should check out this article on the best online backup for businesses.

Your In-Built WPS Storage Solution
Many people like to use external solutions as noted above, however, WPS users and non-WPS users alike have the option of using WPS Cloud. This means several things for dedicated WPS customers. Firstly, you are able to store documents composed on a device onto the WPS cloud allowing for a secure, encrypted backup. Furthermore, it allows you to continue working on a document while using a mobile device as compared to a desktop. Finally, it allows you to access your document from any connected device or to share them with colleagues.

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