What's New On WPS Office - IOS VERSION  8.8.0

What's New On WPS Office - IOS VERSION 8.8.0

August 18, 2018

The new WPS Office IOS v8.8.0 is available to download in the Apple Store. There is a bunch of new features included in the latest version of WPS for IOS. The coolest ones are the new theme pictures for special features, the scanning improvement, the long picture saving and the new entry for conferencing.

Take a look in the details bellow:

New Theme Pictures for Special Features

The WPS special features got new theme pictures. It also offers more tips on how to use these new features.


Improved Scanning

A magnifier has been added to image corners for more accurate cropping.


After scanning, you can zoom in/out the image by double tapping or pinching.

Long Picture Saving

Now you are able to save your long pictures to WPS.


New Entry for Conferencing

An entry for initiating conferencing has been added to the file playing interface to make your life easier.
You were used to start a conference in the Special features, however now, you can also do that in tool lists of file reading and editing.


Take a look here for the complete features that WPS Office offers for your IOS device.

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