What Are Spreadsheets Used For? 6 Fabulous Ideas to Take Note of

What Are Spreadsheets Used For? 6 Fabulous Ideas to Take Note of

October 16, 2018

Have you ever wondered the question: 'what are spreadsheets used for?' If so, you need to check out this blog post. Trust us, these handy ideas will revolutionize your life. Click here for more info!

Spreadsheets have been around for some time now. But, unless you're involved in an industry that makes regular use of spreadsheets, you might not be familiar with how they work.

Have you ever wondered what are spreadsheets used for? If you answered yes, then this post is for you.

Spreadsheets are made up of rows, cells, and columns and are typically used to organize or calculate some sort of data.

It only requires a few basic skills to be able to easily create a spreadsheet in just minutes. You might be surprised to find out the many different ways spreadsheets can be used to help organize and manage day-to-day life.

Whether you spend your days as a stay-at-home-mom or executive CEO, spreadsheets can be used for scheduling, budgets, and much more.

Read on to find out six fabulous spreadsheet hacks you'll want to try now!

What are Spreadsheets Used for? 6 Genius Ways to Simplify Your Life

Although there are hundreds of ways that spreadsheets can be used, these six top our list.

1. Create a Budget & Track Your Spending Habits

Chances are, you've created a lot of budgets in your lifetime. Among them have been budgets for home, budgets for work, budgets for fundraisers, budgets for family vacations, and most other types of budgets that you could imagine.

The plus side to creating a budget with a WPS spreadsheet is that it does the work for you. So, you are able to track spending habit easily, without much effort at all. This way you can see where you are spending too much, and you can make the necessary changes before your unruly financial habits block you from reaching your goal.

Say you are creating a budget to save for a special purchase. You're tracking your spending in a separate budget that you've created for monthly household expenditures. Within the first few weeks, you are able to see that your trips to the grocery store are cutting into your savings.

So, you immediately tweak your grocery list to cut out unnecessary items, such as canned drinks. You reevaluate and begin to purchase everyday necessities online in bulk quantities. Now, you are able to save even more which allows you to reach your goal even sooner than you had hoped.

Although it might sound impossible, spreadsheet budgeting works like magic.

Even better, every time you enter your receipts, your spreadsheet can instantly reveal how your budget has been affected, without you performing any calculations at all.

2. Cut Holiday Gift-Giving Stress in Half

Who doesn't keep a holiday gift list, right?

This year, before you buy the first item on your list, create a spreadsheet that tracks who you're buying for and what you're buying or have bought for each person on the list. You can even track how much you're spending on the recipients if you'd like.

When the holidays roll around, you won't waste time standing in the store mulling over a list that you've only got stored in your head. And, you won't end up with 12 teachers' gifts, when you only needed three. Nor will you be faced with the urgency on Christmas Eve that leads to regifting a used photo album for your grandma.

Your holiday stress will be cut in half, all thanks to a simple document that you'll wish you had started using years ago.

3. Organize a Roster of Your Child's Classmates or Team Members

You've always wanted to be a valuable volunteer for your kid's class or team, but you've never had the time or baking skills required.

Now, you can be the super-parent you've always dreamed of becoming. Just enter a few columns of names and contact information and voila! Suddenly, you're looking like the most organized family on the block.

4. Make a Functional Checklist

Whether you're sending your little ones back to school or heading up your next office social, a spreadsheet checklist makes it easy to see what's been taken care of and what you have left to do.

Unlike the chicken scratch we tend to jot down to use in these types of situations, a spreadsheet eliminates the crossing out and sidenotes that tend to make our hand-written checklists impossible to follow.

5. Create a Sign Up Sheet

When it comes time to delegate duties for work or home, a spreadsheet works as the perfect sign up sheet.

It's a simple way to create a form that ensures everything gets done, whether you're assigning household chores or sales clients.

6. Take Inventory of Anything

A spreadsheet can be used as an organized inventory tracker for everything from class attendance, to library books, to retail merchandise, and more.

In the first column, you list the items you want to keep tabs on. For example, you might list the title of books that are available to check out.

The second column might list the names of those who have borrowed the book.

The third and fourth columns could be used to record the date the book was borrowed and the date it was returned.

Although the above example deals with book-borrowing, your inventory tracker could easily be tweaked to track practically any type of inventory that exists.

You save time because you don't have to search for the item without knowing if it's there. And, now you have a way to document who's responsible for any missing items without relying on memory.

Get Started Creating Your Own Spreadsheet Today!

Now that you've answered the question, "What are spreadsheets used for?" are you ready to get started organizing your life with one of the super-simple spreadsheet ideas we've included here? Or maybe you have a creative spreadsheet idea of your own you'd like to try.

Get started now with the WPS app that makes creating a spreadsheet easy, even when you're on the go!

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