Want to Wrap Up Your School Year on a High Note? Here’s How

Want to Wrap Up Your School Year on a High Note? Here’s How

Are you a student fighting end-of-the-year blues? Do you feel like there’s too much to do in the limited studying time left before school ends and summer break starts? There’s no need to panic—as long as you have the right office software tools.

Whether you have a term paper to write, a final presentation to deliver, or data to analyze for your assignments, the WPS Office apps can make it easier than you might think to wrap up the year with flying colors. What’s more, you can use our PDF to Word converter to edit PDFs when your projects are in that format, which can save you a ton of time.

Below is a handy key to help you easily identify which application to use from our unique office productivity software for different types of school projects:

• Writing reports? Use the Writer app. Students aren’t always working in one place, and the end of the school year is always especially busy. Take advantage of the WPS Writer app’s capability that allows you to edit your files by cloud from wherever you are with just a few clicks to get started.

Whether you’re on your smartphone, laptop, or computer, it’s as simple as selecting the file that you wish to edit, clicking the “Edit” button, and then choosing “Edit with WPS.” When you’re done, the file automatically uploads back to the cloud.

There’s much more you can do with Writer as well, depending on what you need for your assignment. If you’re trying to spice up your writing with some artwork, you can even add a background picture to Writer documents—and you can print the background as well by adding the picture to the header or footer of the document. To see a summary of additional Writer features, click here.

• Preparing a presentation? Use the Presentation app. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, you can use the WPS Presentation app to make it much easier to incorporate bells and whistles that will impress your teacher.

For example, there’s no need to fumble with printed note cards for your speaker notes—you can add them right into your slides with WPS Presentation. This makes it much more seamless when you need to discreetly refer to your notes as you talk. While you can view the notes on each slide, your audience won’t be able to see them on the projector. You can set your slide show in a speaker mode that projects your notes into the middle of the computer screen where they’re visible only to you.

And there’s no need for dull slides when you’re using Presentation—you can easily format the background color and design of each and every slide. Just go to “Design tab” and then click “Background icon” to see all of your choices.

• Dissecting data? Use the Spreadsheets app. When you’re already feeling busy and frazzled finishing up your year-end schoolwork, you don’t need the added headache of difficult data analysis. No matter which subject you’re cramming for, WPS Spreadsheets can help you more easily discern exactly what you need to know, and then display it for others to see as well.

Part of the challenge of data analysis is dealing with multiple rows and columns of information. With the Spreadsheets app, you can take an Excel spreadsheet and conveniently transpose data from multiple rows to columns, and vice versa. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted by cutting and pasting.

Sorting data is another essential part of data analysis. If you need to arrange your spreadsheet worksheets in a specific order, the app has you covered. To make it easier for you and your professor to navigate through your document, try using Spreadsheets to order your data by descending and ascending columns. To use the “sort” function in WPS Spreadsheets, select any cell or cells that you wish to sort, and then choose the “Order” tab of the top menu to see your options.

• Revising PDFs? Use the PDF to Word converter. As you work on your projects, it can throw a real monkey wrench into your process if one of the documents that you need is in PDF format, unable to be freely and easily edited. No worries when you employ the WPS PDF to Word converter. This lifesaver lets you open a PDF and save it into an editable file. The ready-to-edit file will open automatically as soon as it has finished the conversion.

As the school year winds down (and simultaneously ramps up in the final month of the spring semester), call on WPS Office to help you finish strong with all your academic needs! And if you’re on a “starving student” budget, check out our free office software.

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