Using WPS Conference on IOS

Using WPS Conference on IOS

April 23, 2019

Everybody knows that WPS Office app is a complete, light, affordable, and efficient office suite for your mobile. However did you know that on WPS Office for IOS comes with the conference tool?!
BELIEVE ME, it is a great tool where you can add participants easily, share, and present files, an even make live notes while using this unique app!
Interested? Learn now how to use WPS Office Conference on your IOS!

  1. Open you WPS Office App and Select the conference tool.

  2. You can now join an existing conference (if you have the code) or initiate a new one.

3.It's already on! In this part you can add more participant as shows on number "1" and/or play a file to share in the conference clicking on number "2".

  1. If you clicked on the + sign to add more participants this is the screen that will show up. You can use the QR code so the participants can just scan it or use the code number below it to join the conference.

  2. If you decide to share a file during the conference, the following screen is an example of what it looks like. In this case, it is a ppt presentation, so you have the ink + other options to make notes and the you still can add participants while sharing file.

It is pretty easy right? All tools that you need in only one app. Download now WPS Office for IOS, get a complete office suite, and take advantages of the conference tool!

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