Use Thunderbird Email To Increase Your Productivity

Use Thunderbird Email To Increase Your Productivity

A key application to have for work is email. Windows 10 is bundled with an email client, but a third-party client like Thunderbird from Mozilla is a better option for managing your messages. Windows Mail requires an online connection, so you cannot retrieve messages offline. All the times you are in transit and you want to read a message or attachment, you are stuck.

Thunderbird works on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The app allows you to keep an archive of all your messages on your PC, stored in a preferred location. Therefore you have a fail-safe option for those times when you have accidentally deleted something crucial.

Thunderbird also helps you keep track of your appointments, with support for multiple calendars, and includes an RSS reader so you can view the headlines at a glance as well. This helps you avoid opening half a dozen browser tabs to check your schedule, organize your inboxes, and scan world news.

User experience
To set up Thunderbird with Google, Yahoo or Microsoft, just type in your address and the app will automatically pick the right settings. When you are presented with IMAP and POP3 settings options, pick POP3 to keep a copy of your emails on your PC for offline access.

To add more accounts, find the menu button located near the top of the interface to the left of the calendar. After you have connected them, they will all display neatly organized into folders. You can open and collapse the folders as is familiar with most file users.

To adding a Google calendar to Thunderbird, but you can only view events, not edit or create new ones. To add that extra functionality, download an extension called Provider for Google Calendar.
Downloading and installing extensions in Thunderbird is just as simple as it is in Firefox. Select 'Add-ons' from the main menu and you'll see a store where you can download and install extras to enhance your email experience.

Thunderbird is currently in the process of becoming an independent project, so keep an eye out for future developments. As it stands, it's an excellent email client and you cannot beat the free price.
As a complement to working with email messages, you will need an Office suite to view and edit the attachments you receive. WPS offers a free document editing solution that is perfect for any consumer or business user. With Thunderbird and WPS, you are all set to tackle any challenge.

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