Two ways to edit your text, picture and layout in PDF files

Two ways to edit your text, picture and layout in PDF files

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PDF is a commonly used format in office and school. What should we do if we want to edit the content or picture of a PDF file? Today, I want to share for you 2 ways to complete this!

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1. Use the "Shapes" to cover the content on the PDF

If we want to delete the first paragraph of text.
Firstly, Click on Comment - Shapes - Rectangle in the upper menu bar.


Then, draw a rectangle to cover the picture which you want to delete.


Finally, set the Fill Color of the Rectangle to White, and the Border Color to White. Then, you can see the content on the PDF can be covered.

2. Use the "Text Editing" WPS Premium membership function to edit the content on the PDF.

Suppose we want to edit a paragraph of text. In that case, we can click "Edit" - "Edit Text" in the menu bar to enter the Edit Text mode. At this time, the text content of the PDF will be presented in the form of the text box.

We can also move the text box to change the position.

Right-click the picture, in the text editing menu bar, you can choose font and typesetting.

Click on the text box to edit the text content, and click the Edit Text again to save your changes.

If we want to edit a specific picture, drag it, and you can move the position of it. Here, you can Flip images, Clip, Replace, Rotate,Picture to PDF. By the way, you can alsoFlip images, Clip, Replace, Rotate or edit opacity in Image Properties.


It's very convenient, try it now!


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