Top 5 AI Technology Trends For 2018

Top 5 AI Technology Trends For 2018

It may sound crazy, but nearly a third of consumers report being unsure whether their last customer service experience was a chatbot or a human.

Want to be sure you are up to date and know what to expect in the coming year? Then check out this guide listing five trends and AI products you need to keep your eye on!

1. How May I Help You?

While we are all too familiar with AI assistants like Apple's Siri, but expect to see this experience expand and improve.

Chatbots have become standard in many customer service situations, but as data analysis and technology improves, they will become even smarter and human-like.

These types of AI assistants will help create strong relationships between your business and your target audience. By using them, you can collect an immense amount of data to help your marketing efforts.

AI assistants will serve as one way to improve your workplace productivity.

2. Healthcare Arena

The healthcare industry is large and very important. By using AI products, the industry will have more data to make decisions. This means better analysis of patients symptoms and medical histories.

Using AI will allow doctors to be more proactive in their treatment plans.

AI is also moving the healthcare industry forward through prosthetics. Smarter prosthetic limbs that are connected to the brain and have cameras are on the horizon.

3. Smarter Homes

As the population grows more accustomed to talking to their electronics, you will see more and more 'smart' homes. Smart homes come with many benefits.

Using AI throughout your home will lead to a safer place to live. Cameras can record any suspicious activity and you can even view from anywhere by using a phone app.

Using systems like Amazon's Alexa allow you to control features in your home using just your voice. While this may seem unnecessary, it can be extremely helpful for elderly or disabled homeowners.

4. Financial AI Products

AI is helpful when dealing with big data. This is because AI lowers the chances of errors or mistakes happening and can help predict future outcomes.

This is why the financial world has seized on products using AI. Using these resources can save money, be more efficient, and overall more accurate.

Applying AI to the finance industry will lead to a more streamlined and efficient system.

5. More Robots

While AI often is found in things like cell phones, expect to see even more robots roaming around. Smart robots are already common on manufacturing lines, soon there will be robots doing more and more jobs.

Expect self-driving cars to make a surge this year as people become more comfortable with the idea.

Start Prepping for The AI Trends of the Year

Although AI is just one trend expected in this year, it is a big one. Whether used in the medical field or to improve your customer satisfaction ratings, AI is here to stay.

What AI trends are you most excited for? Do you have plans to implement an AI product within your business soon? Let us know in the comments!

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