The Role of Technology in Reshaping Our Holidays

The Role of Technology in Reshaping Our Holidays

With holidays around the corner, technology is helping people to bask in the glory of the festivities. It is not only an integral part of our daily lives; it also has a prominent influence in the revelries we indulge in when the holiday season is soon to arrive. From purchasing and receiving tech products as holiday gifts, to streaming the favorite holiday classics on the laptop or TV, technology has a far-reaching impact. In many ways, technology isn’t simply a part of today’s holiday experience, but it is the holiday experience by itself.

Shortening distance with technology on the holiday season

Spending some quality time with your family is the most cherished part of holidays. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to make it home by year end. So, how do people stay connected with far away friends and family members on the days of Thanksgiving or Christmas? Well, they opt for the next best alternatives, all of which involves technology.

According to surveys, most people say they will choose to place a phone call. In fact, Calling is the most popular option for every generation. To simplify the process of calling even further, people can now use video calling through Skype, Google Duo, FaceTime, etc.

Use these technologies to your advantage to interact face-to-face with an old friend or a dear one who lives halfway across the world. The best thing about such technologies is you can continue the conversation as long as the internet connection is stable.

Facebook is another potent way for people to send holiday cheers to multiple people at once. According to various studies, nearly four in ten adults expect to connect with a friend or family member via this social networking site on Christmas, Thanksgiving or Hannukah.

In fact, many people still use emails to send gift cards to their relatives and close ones.

So, the assistance of technology definitely comes as a great resource that helps to spread the joy among your loved ones.

Holidays and the influence of technology on businesses the world over

As the holiday shopping season closes in, most retailers are likely to gear up with effective strategies to leverage the holidays to provide their services and products to the consumers. In this case, business owners have to implement efficient decision-making, in order to come up with the most effective strategies.

The process of decision-making is further influenced by intense market analysis, negotiations with suppliers, a clear knowledge of customer desires, price sensitivity and so on. In this case, technology assumes a significant role. Be it in terms of evaluating the consumer behavior, category and overall business performance in a specific timeframe. Given below are some aspects of technology that’s influencing the businesses in major ways this holiday season.

  • Brick and mortar tech implementation

The inclusion of Big Data isn’t just for supporting the retailers online. It’s also assisting the brick-and-mortar retailers, as they use the data derived from the retail intelligence companies. The data helps with the promotional displays, points of sale, and loyalty purchases to make predictions on sales and product launches, and also improve promotional efficacy.

Another path-breaking technology which is likely to help the traditional retailers is iBeacon, which enables iPhones to connect with the physical sensors within the stores. The retailers can use the connection to detect a buyer’s exact location within a store. With this process, they can also share the information with the buyer about another similar product. Alternatively, they can also share details of the department the customer is shopping in.

  • Cross-sell, upsells, and customization

Retailers have been gathering the relevant details about the consumers for a while now. But, efficient retailers are investing even more time in making informed decisions about the customers’ shopping habits and behaviors. With these decisions, the retailers attempt to offer more personalized shopping experiences. This eventually transforms into more sales.

Organizations like Amazon also use consumer data to elevate the number of transactions with cross-selling and upselling. Amazon evaluates the purchases and lists out the related items that were bought. These items are then highlighted when the customers land on the site, with the objective of selling products that shoppers might not have even known that they needed.

  • Mobile is the way to go

This holiday season, mobile-friendly retailers are likely to witness a significant amount of purchases being made from tablets and Smartphone. According to a study, over 46% of holiday sales are estimated to be garnered from mobile devices. So, it’s vital that retailers offer an online shopping experience that’s fit for mobiles.

In conclusion,

Holidays can have an indelible impact on the way we consume technology. Be it for individual use, or for business purposes, the reliance on technology to brighten the festivities is increasing by the hour.

It's also about simplifying the process of retail for the shoppers and providing them with ultimate convenience. In fact, if all goes well, in the years to come, the emerging technologies like blockchain will be implemented to boost growth among companies working together for different parts of the operations. Speaking of the present scenario, the importance of the digital brain needed to ensure a smooth holiday just can’t be denied.

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