The Plight of Apple’s Autonomous Car

The Plight of Apple’s Autonomous Car

Apple has been focused on developing an all-in-one mobile solution for many years. It began with innovating the mobile tech industry with the rollout of the iPhone to the world in 2007, but has in recent years, set its sights on a new frontier: building an autonomous car (dubbed Project Titan). Apple is looking for a game-changer to keep carving their niche into new and exciting tech-based industries (which the automotive industry has become) .

The development of Apple’s Autonomous Car has been marred with setbacks such as high turnover within specialized staff members working on the project. The latest renditions of Apple’s autonomous car appear to be outfitted with six Velodyne-made LIDAR sensors, several radar units, and a number of cameras (all encased in a very Apple-esque white plastic).

The world gasped when word got out that Apple had file to hold an autonomous vehicle permit in the state of California along with 50 other tech companies to test their autonomous car project. This got Apple fans entranced by the idea of a driverless car with Apple branding and technology.

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Alas, Apple has claimed to have since ditched Project Titan to set its sights on innovating the industry through building autonomous software for implementation in other carmakers. Last July, CEO Tim Cook confirmed in an interview that Apple was “focusing on autonomous systems” that could be used for many different purposes.

Don’t be downtrodden by this news if you’re an Apple fan though as there have been several recent reports of a leaked patent published from Apple for an autonomous vehicle which details a navigation system intended for Apple self-driving cars. Apple has not formally responded to these claims of a leaked patent for an autonomous car in their name, thus we cannot speculate as to when they anticipate to release any further information although tech and automotive industry experts expect to see more concrete details by 2019 with an actual product roll-out by mid-2020.

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