The Perfect Summer Plan: Try an Internship

The Perfect Summer Plan: Try an Internship

Wondering what to do once the school year ends and summer arrives? Get a jumpstart on your career by landing a corporate internship this summer. Why are internship programs so valuable for career planning? A study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows that nearly 70 percent of interns surveyed were offered fulltime jobs after serving as interns. What’s more, job seekers accepted close to 85 percent of these offers.

Looking at the bigger picture, Brigham Young University reports that only 30 percent of graduating seniors (on average) receive a job offer before they graduate, but the number nearly doubles to just under 60 percent for those who complete an internship. And internships can help increase your starting salary as well. Research has shown that interns received starting salaries that were $2,240 higher than non-interns. That’s a pretty sweet payoff for logging some time at the office over the summer months.

Additional benefits of participating in an internship include:

• The opportunity to gain exposure to real-life challenges occurring in an organization in your field—an experience not found by reading textbooks

• Learning firsthand from professional colleagues about how to cultivate adaptability and creativity

• Increasing your opportunities within a company to facilitate career advancement and growth while building your resume

How to Land an Internship Interview
You know you want an internship, but how can you get hired for one? While sometimes connections are enough to get your foot in the door at a company, in most cases, you’ll need to first formally apply for a position, and then nail your interview. This is where free office software from WPS Office can come in handy.

This free office suite takes a lot of the stress out of the internship application process. Considered the best free Microsoft Word alternative, WPS can help you prepare for interviews by showcasing your resume and school portfolio. The unique features of this office software can also help you master document editing and improve your collaboration skills so that you stand out from your peers.

Here’s how WPS Office can take the guesswork out of landing an interview for an internship by harnessing the power of Excel and PowerPoint via the best new apps on the market today: WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheets, and WPS Presentation:

• Make your resume pop. The next best thing to knowing someone in the company who can help you procure an internship is having a stellar resume. There’s an app for that, and it’s called WPS Writer. With Writer, you can craft a first-class resume that will catch the eye of thought leaders in your industry. This text editing application allows you to take a Microsoft Word document and create something truly special using a full range of formatting tools that facilitate customization of everything from font styles and colors to paragraph formatting. The app even comes with hundreds of document templates, taking the guesswork out of your resume’s layout and helping you create a polished professional product.

• Spiff up your school portfolio. Depending on your industry, you may need more than a resume to catch the attention of internship decision makers. Having a high caliber portfolio of materials to showcase your work can make a big difference, since it provides interviewers with a visual representation of your talents and capabilities. You can use WPS Presentation to prepare an unforgettable portfolio of your work. Since Presentation is fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, you can take work that you’ve created in that program and easily open it, edit it, and save it right from WPS Office. While the work in your portfolio will speak for itself, having extras like WordArt text effects, built-in slide styles, and ready-made templates can make your projects shine. You can even insert multimedia files into your portfolio using WPS Presentation.

• Get up to speed on editing documents. As you craft your internship application materials, you might be on the go between home, class, and the library. You can use Writer to edit your files in the cloud, and they’ll be automatically backed up there when you’re finished. And whether you’re using Writer, Spreadsheets, or Presentation, you can tap into the power of collaborative editing for added efficiency thanks to WPS Office. All three of the WPS Office apps allow you to make edits and comments into your files with a few simple clicks. You can work side by side with other students or your teachers—within the actual documents—to make preparing your internship package a snap.

It’s not too late to apply for a 2017 summer internship, but you’ll need to move quickly, as time is running out for hiring managers to consider candidates. Use WPS Office to help you prepare the perfect package that will wow your internship interviewers—and perhaps ultimately land you a coveted job in your field.

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