The Most Professional Ways To Send In Your Resume

The Most Professional Ways To Send In Your Resume

May 02, 2018

Sending a quick email that says “please hire me” won’t impress employers. The way you send in your resume matters just as much as what’s in your resume.

After all, sending your resume in professionally gives you a much better chance of being noticed and standing out from other applicants. While some employers specify how they want to receive resumes, others leave it up to you.
Before you send another resume, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward before your resume is even viewed.

Send In PDF Format

A Word document is nice and professional. However, what happens if an employer opens your resume and hits the wrong button? Suddenly, your resume is gone or corrupted. Plus, employers are often hesitant about opening Word documents from senders they don’t recognize for fear of malware.

A much more professional option is to always send your resume in PDF format if you need to send a digital copy. The great thing is you can keep your resume in PDF format at all times and edit it when needed with a PDF to Word tool, such as WPS PDF to Word Converter.

Well-Formatted Printed Copy

A nicely printed copy is always acceptable if you’re planning on applying in person. Consider printing your resume on a thicker piece of paper or enclosing it in a protector sleeve.

The next step is to ensure you format your resume correctly. The formatting depends on how you want to showcase your skills and the type of job. The Interview Guys provide in-depth details on the types of resumes and which one works best in which situation.

Create An Online Resume

Want to really impress an employer when you send in your resume? If they want a digital copy, send them a link to your own resume website. Start with something as simple as an online version of your PDF resume. You can upload the PDF to display on your site along with a professional background image.

Or, go bigger by creating a page for each section of your resume. It’s a more professional approach because you can include a portfolio (if applicable), testimonials, more details about your history and details about you. Tuts Plus helps you create your own site from scratch.

Email With A Cover Letter

If an employer wants you to email your resume, don’t just have a quick message saying your resume is attached. Instead, use your email message as your cover letter. Employers still value cover letters, but many applicants skip them. Think of this quick message as the digital form of an introduction and handshake.

Take a moment to forget everything you know about emails. While the cover letter shouldn’t be lengthy, you want it to be descriptive and professional. Keep formatting simple. Use Monster’s tips for creating a perfect email cover letter every time. One thing to keep in mind is to always follow the employer’s instructions.

For instance, if they ask you to attach a cover letter, attach it as PDF versus placing it in your email message. If they don’t accept attachments, start with your cover letter and follow with your resume within the body of the email. The better you follow instructions, the more likely you are to get noticed.

Use LinkedIn Or Career Websites

Many employers look for candidates on LinkedIn and career search websites, such as Indeed and Monster. If you’re searching for a new job, choose one or two platforms and fill out your profiles fully. For instance, on LinkedIn, don’t be afraid to ask people for recommendations to show that you do have the skills you list on your profile.

If the site asks for you to upload a resume, ensure you upload one. Most require the resume to be in DOC or PDF format. The more detailed your profiles are, the more likely you are to be found. If you’re looking for a specific type of role, use relevant keywords in your profile and resume to help the site’s system better match you with employers.

Your resume is the first introduction a potential employer has of you. Make sure you’re starting off right by sending in your resume in the most professional way possible.

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