The Best Way to Apply for a Student Loan or Grant

The Best Way to Apply for a Student Loan or Grant

July 25, 2017

Student loan and grant applications are among the most important paperwork that college students ever prepare—right up there with college applications themselves. That’s why it’s critical to get the details right for these potentially life-changing submissions. Fund lenders won’t likely be lenient or turn a blind eye if you fail to provide everything that’s required for these formal written proposals.

To ensure a perfect loan or grant application, it’s smart to harness the power of a spreadsheet solution—but when it comes to this type of quality control, not just any type of spreadsheet app or program will do. Many industry analysts agree that WPS Office offers the best free office suite available.

WPS Office comes with a trio of apps that each can help you with a leg of the application journey:

• The best free word processor in the form of WPS Writer, which is compatible with Microsoft Word and can be used to help you prepare your applications on the front end with quality and professionalism.

WPS Presentation, a PowerPoint compatible app that’s perfect to help you make an eyeball-grabbing presentation or slideshow to capture the attention of potential funders.

• A free spreadsheet program—WPS Spreadsheets—that’s totally compatible with Microsoft Excel. You can use Spreadsheets to help you track your proposals and funding presentations after you submit or give them.

Here are some basics to get you started in using this free office software from WPS Office to prepare the best possible application for your student loan or grant:

Tools for Loan and Grant Preparation
Let’s start with WPS Writer. A few features to try as you craft your loan and grant applications include:

• Use the text editing app for professional-looking formatting and auto-formatting of your documents. Remember to leverage headers and footers for page numbering, referencing, and citations if they’re required in your proposal guidelines.

• When preparing financial data for your grant proposal, you may want to add images such as charts to help prove your points. With Writer, it’s simple to both insert and edit images, custom charts, tables, and other graphics.

• Each of the WPS Office apps comes equipped with many predesigned keyboard shortcuts to help expedite your proposal creation and make the process of crafting it much more efficient.

• Don’t ever send out a grant or loan application without first running the spellcheck feature—just a single spelling mistake or careless typo might keep your grant or loan request from being approved.

Next, here’s what you need to know to get started with WPS Presentation:

In today’s digitally focused world, it takes more to stand out than it used to. It’s key to always first check the requirements for the specific loans and grants to which you’re applying. That said, it may in certain cases be appropriate to capture attention with a visually powerful slideshow or illuminating presentation that you can deliver to lenders and other decision makers.

Since WPS Presentation supports PowerPoint files, you can capitalize on this popular Microsoft program to help reach your goals via the WPS app. In addition to Microsoft Office compatibility, Presentation offers:

• The customizability you need to tailor different types of submissions to different organizations.

Graphics support in the form of a gallery of built-in slide styles, advanced animation, slide transitions, and the option to pull in multimedia files for added oomph.

• Extended desktop support to view slide notes, preview slides, and watch your presentation time.

Last but not least in your loan and grant application arsenal, there’s WPS Spreadsheets, which you can use to see at a glance exactly what you need to know about your grant or loan applications without sorting through piles of paperwork or electronic files:

• Set up a basic tracker with key information such as submission date, funds requested, contact name, and next steps.

• Make a loan application checklist to track every step of the journey for individual proposals as you work on each one.

Track multiple submissions so that you don’t need to remember which materials you’ve sent out to each recipient.

For more tips, guides, and information on using WPS Office, please visit our Online Knowledge Base.

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