The Best Office Suite for Your Business

The Best Office Suite for Your Business

You already know that your office needs good software. Read on to learn more about the best office suite for your business.

Running a small business effectively means taking a serious approach to productivity. After all, in the US alone there are over 27 million organizations considered to be small businesses vying for a piece of an increasingly limited consumer pie.

To optimize getting things done, most organizations have a high-quality office suite at their beck and call. These suites enable them to quickly whip up documents, create sleek presentations, and crunch numbers with ease.

But which suite is the best one a business owner can invest in?

There are a lot of options out there both free and paid. Below are some conventional and unconventional picks that are worth organization's time to sample for their business needs.

Best Overall - WPS Office

WPS Office is a product that combines the most robust functionality and value of any office tool in the marketplace. It's a tool that's built to work with businesses of any size.

With WPS Office, a person can create and edit presentations. They can type up documents easily. They can even work with fully functional spreadsheets.

All of that excellent functionality comes in at the unbeatable price point of absolutely free!

That's right. WPS has an extremely deep free product for users to enjoy and it even comes coupled with 1GB of cloud storage space.

When ready to take their productivity further, users can easily upgrade to WPS' premium business product, WPS Office Professional.

Bottom line, when looking for a deep office suite with unmatched cross-platform compatibility, look no further than WPS office.

Honorable Mentions

Below are runner-up functional office applications for your consideration that you may not have heard of.

Google Docs, Slides and Sheets

Google offers multiple cloud-based applications that work to replicate what a user would get from a traditional office program. For the most part, these tools function well and are a good choice for those looking to do topical document, spreadsheet, and presentation editing.

As a drawback, Google's suite of office products has been reported to have serious problems working with files imported from other office applications.

Also, all of the applications exist separately from one another as opposed to being under a single branded product umbrella.

Polaris Office

Mobile phone users, particularly those who have used Samsung devices, may be familiar with the mobile version of Polaris Office. Unknown to many is that Polaris has a cloud-based application for desktop computers as well.

Polaris offers good basic office application functionality and an interface that's reminiscent of other popular programs.

Note that one should be careful when installing Polaris onto a company machine. The program comes with a lot of bloatware that can slow systems down if users are not careful to opt out.

Wrapping Up The Best Office Suite For Your Business

Business owners looking to invest in a quality office suite that they can scale their organizations around should consider the products listed above. Particularly WPS Office.

You can get started with WPS Office for free today!

Alternatively, they can try honorable mentions like Google's Docs, Slides, and Sheets or Polaris office.

If you're ready to get started with or upgrade to the best office suite solution available for business owners, you can do so right now. Click here to find out more about what WPS Office can do for you. It's 100% free!

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