Summer Schoolwork Made Easier—With WPS Office

Summer Schoolwork Made Easier—With WPS Office

Summer school is right around the corner. If you’re nervous about making the most of your class time in June, July, and August, then stop worrying and start preparing. No matter what type of classes you’ll be taking, you can tap into the power of free office software from WPS Office for help using Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

Let’s review a few of the most powerful features of WPS Office so that you can get ready to nail your summertime organization and assignments!

Need to Work in Excel? Think WPS Spreadsheets

Students need to be proficient in Excel to do their best in school. But to maximize the program for studying when you’re on the go, you need WPS Spreadsheets. The Spreadsheets app makes it possible for you to open and edit Excel files right on your smartphone, laptop, pad, or other device no matter where you are. This means whether you’re working on a spreadsheet project in class, at the library, or riding the bus to school, you’ll be able to use your time wisely.

The app also has cool collaboration tools on board the platform, so you can easily send comments about your group projects to other students and teachers who are working with you on the files—and even make edits alongside theirs. So whether you’re using Excel files to set up your fall budget, to track your assignments and school schedule, or for classwork, you’ll have added power and potential for summer success by using Spreadsheets.

Got a PDF to Edit? No Sweat with a PDF Converter

Since PDFs are essentially electronic paper, it makes sense that they’ve become so popular as a learning tool. This summer, whether you’re doing research for a term paper or brushing up on your favorite subjects, you may find yourself working with PDF files. But PDFs can cause trouble for students who need to edit them or use their content. This situation can lead you to waste hours retyping content that already exits in the PDF but is unalterable.

With the free PDF to Word Converter from WPS, though, you can easily modify PDF files, turning locked content into documents you can use—even on a mobile device. The beauty of this is that after converting your PDF to editable text, you can modify the content in WPS Spreadsheets as well as the other two WPS Office apps: WPS Writer and WPS Presentation. With the PDF converter, you can even change a PDF file into an Excel, PowerPoint, or Word file. Once you’re working in these familiar formats and freed from technical headaches, your assignments become much easier.

Time to Make a Summer Presentation? WPS Presentation to the Rescue

Many classes these days require students to prepare PowerPoint presentations. If your PowerPoint skills are a little shaky, boost your skills this summer with WPS Presentation. The app offers many impressive benefits that students will appreciate, including extended desktop support that lets you view notes as a presenter, preview which slides are to come, and easily track the time you’ve spent presenting.

You’ll also love the advanced animation feature of Presentation, which give you the power to jazz up your slides with transitions and multimedia files to add flash, video, images, audio, and more. These extras are as useful for a wide range of projects, from helping you assemble a fun summer slide show about what you’re up to outside of school time, to preparing a professional presentation for any class that will wow your audience and professor alike.

In our next post, we’ll drill down into how you can use downtime you may have this summer to prepare your college budget for the upcoming fall.

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