Shortcut keys about Ctrl that you should know

Shortcut keys about Ctrl that you should know

April 08, 2021

Do you want to get some more effective methods to finish your work? I can tell you shortcut keys are one of the most effective office tricks you need to know.

You may know very well about how to copy and paste those selected items, but do you know how to use shortcut keys to create a new files? do you know how to undo your actions? Follow us to access suprise tricks about using Ctrl with your wps office.

The most common and basic ones are

Ctrl + C--Copy the selected item
Ctrl + V--Paste the selected item
Ctrl + X--Cuts the selected item.

Try not limit yourself to those basic ones, now use these shortcut keys to facilitate the editing:

Ctrl + B to bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + I to italicize highlighted selection
Ctrl + U to underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + K to insert the links.Click!

Every time with a shrunk WPS writer’s Window, you don’t have to drag the horizontal scroll bar to check the whole sentence. First make sure the cursor stays in the target sentence, then press Home or End on your keyboard. Now you are able to go to the beginning or the end of the sentences!

When you are making a long length text, there is no doubt that those will help you:

Ctrl + A to selects the whole text
Ctrl + Home to go to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + End will help you go to the end of a document.

Besides, you can select multiple items by keep pressing 'Ctrl'.
Want to play with your different documents?
Use Ctrl+O to open another document. If something new just occurred to you and you need a new file, just press Ctrl+N, and it will present in front of you. And you can materialize your documents by pressing Ctrl+P to get to the print window.

You might make some erroneous operations sometimes, so Ctrl+Z will help you undo your latest action. Actually you can forget Ctrl+S with ease because WPS office has the automatic backup system and you are protected from losing data!
Have you got all those amazing office tricks? Those shortcut keys may save your working time. You can add this article into your bookmarks, I guess you may need this article.

Just open your files immediately to try each of them. Subscribe WPS blog to get more effective little tricks! Keep using WPS Office and you will find more sparkling points that may surprise you!

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