Saving Time with Templates

Saving Time with Templates

November 30, 2016

If time is money, templates are one of the most valuable tools in your mobile arsenal. Templates are simply files that provide you with a blueprint of a layout—for example, of a Word file, slide, or spreadsheet—that you can use as a starting point for your work without reinventing the wheel. A template might contain specific colors, fonts, styles, or even content as part of its theme package.

If you’re interested in using templates, one of the best ways to do so is to select an office suite that comes equipped with a wide range of these tools built right into its existing applications. The WPS Office for Android app offers a diverse selection of popular templates in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, which you can find within the Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets apps, respectively.

By using the Premium Templates available in the WPS Office for Android app, you can experience many benefits:

  • Time savings. Because templates come preformatted, you can increase the speed at which you work on your projects. While you may want to make some creative modifications to a template to tailor it to your own purposes, you aren’t starting from scratch since the basic design and formatting is already completed. So for example, say you want to send out a business letter in Word, but you want to target your letter to customers in different industries. You can use the same letter template for each customer as a starting point, benefitting from set margins, type size, and font. But you can modify other elements as needed—such as your greeting, closure, and logo—to address specific customers in each industry.
  • Consistency across projects. Without templates, creating formatted documents can come down to guesswork, especially if more than one person is generating them. With reliable templates to serve specific functions, the presentation of information becomes instantly more constant and uniform, increasing your professionalism. For example, say that you’re creating a series of slideshows for your business. Using templates as a starting point for your creative work allows you to stick to a consistent look and feel for your brand.

  • Fewer errors. When the main formatting work is already done for you, then you need not worry about rekeying information to create your documents. Starting over from scratch each time you work on a certain type of budgeting spreadsheet, for example, leaves the possibility that you might leave out a key calculation that could be designed right into a template. When you use templates, you’ll have the confidence that all of the basics are covered before you even start your work, and you’ll also minimize the chance of forgetting to include important elements in your documents.
  • Expense reduction. Imagine having to contract out template creation as a fee for service to a third party every time you needed a new type of file design. While some businesses would be happy to take the work from you, why add this as a line item in your budget when you can use free templates that have been created to support a wide range of common uses? Presentation, for example, starts you off with dozens of ready-made templates as part of the application. With any of these templates as your base file, you can then use the app’s formatting tools and extras like WordArt text effects and support for tables and charts, not to mention colors, shapes, and more to customize your work. You can reuse this wide variety of templates again and again, saving ample resources.
  • Increased professionalism. All of the factors above add up to one sure thing: better results that are more professional for your projects, business, customers, and other end users. Since templates make document creation and modification both easier and more standardized, the information that they present has a consistent look and feel that can help build your brand and cement your professionalism with prospects and customers alike.
In short, using templates in the WPS Office for Android app to create documents other than the original designation can not only save time, but can also help grow your reputation and boost satisfaction in your deliverables—no matter who your audience is.

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