Resume In PDF Form? Here's How To Edit It

Resume In PDF Form? Here's How To Edit It

  • PDFs are editable
  • You don’t have to retype everything if you don’t want to
  • Converting is one of the best ways to edit PDFs

  • Having your resume in PDF format is preferred by most employers if you’re sending it in via email. This prevents any problems with file types and compatibility.

    The only problem is if you save your resume as a PDF and delete the original editable document, you’re left without a way to quickly edit your resume. The great thing about a PDF is it’s hard to alter.

    Why edit it? If you get a new job, want to add new skills or want to customize your resume for individual industries, you’ll need to be able to edit your resume easily.

    Retype Your Resume

    The most obvious option is to retype your resume. This works well if you don’t mind spending the extra time or if your resume is relatively short. For longer resumes or those with extensive formatting, this can be a nightmare.

    The good news is you can retype your resume in any word processing software, such as WPS Writer. To avoid any compatibility issues, save your file in the DOC format. This ensures it’s compatible with most versions of Office Suite alternatives.

    Hate the thought of starting over? Don’t worry, you have plenty of other options.

    Scan It In

    Some scanners and all-in-one printers include software for turning scanned documents into an editable documents. If you have a printed copy of your PDF resume, scan it and let the software convert it into an editable form. It’s important to note that you may lose some of your formatting. Plus, you’ll need to ensure you align your resume perfectly to avoid any odd font changes, text blurring or other problems.

    This doesn’t work on all scanners, but it will work on some. Check your scanner’s software to see if this option is available.

    Use A PDF Editing Tool

    Some tools allow you to edit a PDF without converting it. Most notably is Adobe Acrobat. However, Adobe Acrobat isn’t free. Adobe Reader is free for everyone, but you’ll have to pay for the ability to edit your PDFs.

    If you just need to edit PDFs, you don’t need the entire suite of tools included with Adobe. It’s great if you want to add things like electronic signatures, mobile conversions and more. However, if you just want to edit the text, this can be too pricey of an option.

    While free alternatives are available, they don’t always offer the same powerful features and they can be difficult to learn to use.

    Convert Your PDF

    One of the best ways to edit your resume in PDF form is to convert it back to an editable document. This works similar to scanning in your resume. However, all you have to do is open your PDF in the converter and let it do the rest. It’s a much easier process.

    The problem is you have to choose your converter carefully. The wrong one might result in your resume looking more like gobbled text than anything coherent.

    WPS’s PDF to Word Converter converts your PDFs to Word while retaining the original formatting, font and text. From there, it’s easy to edit your PDF as much as you want. When you’re done, save it back as a PDF. Plus, you get split and merge features to gain more control over your PDFs.

    Save Editable Versions

    Now that you’ve discovered different ways to edit your resume in PDF form, you should consider one more thing. What happens the next time you need to edit it? You could keep converting back and forth or take a simpler approach. Always save the original DOC file along with the PDF.

    Now, when you need to edit it again, all you have to do is open the Word document, edit it and print/save it as a new PDF. This is a great option if you need to tweak your resume often or you have multiple resumes for different industries and types of jobs.

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