Recorded Presentations: Useful Beyond Webinars

Recorded Presentations: Useful Beyond Webinars

Last month, we shared how you can use the Presentation app from WPS Office to create a professional, full-featured presentation in PowerPoint. We followed that up with some guidance on how to use Presentation for iOS to build a webinar, so that you can take advantage of video conferencing software to deliver your presentation over the Internet and reach more people.

Within the interactive forum of the webinar, you have the option to communicate virtually with your audience. As the presenter, you can even share audio files with participants. This is where the Record Presentation feature of WPS Office comes in handy. With it, you can record your slideshow in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac. This allows you to not only capture the audio narration, but also the slide timing and pointer gestures simply by using a mic or headset and speakers. WPS Office offers a range of recording options within the Record Presentation feature to allow you as the presenter to tailor the webinar directly to your audience.

But webinars aside, there are countless other possible applications for a pre-recorded presentation made with WPS Office for iOS. We’ll get you started with a few ideas, but use your creativity and imagination to tailor these to your personal needs or to think of other uses:

  • Sales pitch. Need to prep a sales pitch to send to potential clients? Use the Record Presentation feature to craft and capture audio messaging just as you would with a webinar. It can add a much more personal touch to your pitch to include a recording of your voice, and can help prospective customers connect with you much more than they would from an email or print pitch.
  • Job-hunting tool. In certain creative industries (advertising, marketing, and graphic design come to mind), including an audio component as an attachment with your resume might help during your job search. While you certainly want to follow any stated protocol for applications to a particular company, using Record Presentation to help explain your portfolio can help add a personal touch to help illuminate your professional credentials.

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  • Family Christmas card. What could be more festive to brighten up the dreary winter months than receiving a holiday card that sings? Send your friends something more memorable and lasting than the usual disposable card by taking advantage of the Record Presentation feature to create audio of your family singing a carol along with your season’s greetings.
  • Homecoming Dance proposal. Students may have already discovered the benefits of using the Presentation app to present their application for a grant or loan, or to create PowerPoint slideshows for school assignments. But there’s another more fun way to use these tools, especially when paired with the Record Presentation feature. Whether it’s the Sadie Hawkins dance, homecoming, or the prom, your date will have a hard time saying no when your invitation to the event is cute and creative. And you’ll be able to do just that when you blend your proposal with some cool graphics and pre-recorded comments so that you can state your case just right.

What ways can you think of to use the awesome power of Record Presentation in your daily work and play? Let us know your fresh ideas on G2 Crowd.

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