New WPS Cloud—Expanding the Boundaries of Office Software

New WPS Cloud—Expanding the Boundaries of Office Software

We had to keep it a secret before, but no longer! We’ve just announced that WPS Office now offers expanded cloud capabilities for both business and personal use—including added cloud storage, file roaming, and sharing—with the introduction of WPS Cloud.

As you’ve seen from our recent blog series, the cloud brings many advantages to users of office software, from easy file sharing and cross-device support to massive storage space. With these benefits of collaboration and flexibility in mind, we designed WPS Cloud to work as a perfect companion in cooperation with WPS Office, since documents automatically store in the cloud. Users can now easily access their files either through the WPS Cloud web portal, or directly from within WPS Office.

We have a lot to brag about with this new platform that enables users of WPS Office to work both faster and more productively, so let’s get started!

The bottom line: WPS Cloud let’s you have anytime, anywhere data access to our office software suite. It’s a complete document storage and management service that enables you to view and edit files no matter where you are, with automatic backup and link-sharing tools that promote collaboration in real time across multiple platforms and devices.

We like to think of WPS Cloud not only as a professional office file cloud storage service, but a powerful tool for teamwork. You can save documents in WPS Cloud and then view and edit them from your mobile phone and/or computer, whether you’re stationed at the office or on the go. You can also share these same documents with others using team folders so that they can review or even edit the files, which makes group collaboration a snap. And because WPS Cloud includes historical version management functionality, you’ll never have to worry about confusion among different file versions.

And here are some of the top WPS Cloud features that we’re most excited about:

  • Free storage and privileges. Users receive 1GB of complimentary storage space on WPS Cloud, as well as the ability to create up to five team folders free of charge. Each team can invite up to 50 colleagues to collaborate. For greater needs, you can opt to purchase VIP levels via the WPS Office Membership Center.
  • File roaming. When you open and create documents in WPS Office, they’re automatically saved to WPS Cloud via the platform’s file roaming feature. This means you can start and stop work on your files using different devices at work and at home, and increase file accessibility between yourself and others.
  • Cross-device support. Users can view and access their files across all connected devices, whether Android, iOS, or Windows PCs—or through a web browser. WPS Cloud currently has a mobile edition for iOS, and WPS Cloud for Android is coming soon.
  • One-click file sharing. The collaborative/sharing features of WPS Cloud are extremely easy to use—just upload a document and create a unique URL to share it with anyone you’d like. Once you’ve shared the link, the recipient will be able to view and download the file.
  • Security features. All WPS Cloud files are saved on Kingsoft’s hosting server, which protects files from loss with enterprise-level data security and multiple backups.

We aren’t alone in our belief in the transformative power of the cloud to facilitate workplace productivity and enhance office software. A new report from Allied Market Research forecasts that the personal cloud market will reach nearly $90 billion globally by 2020, as cloud adoption continues to soar year over year. That’s a compound annual growth rate of over 33 percent from 2015 to 2020. It makes sense when you think about it, since people increasingly want to be able to access content across devices regardless of their environment. WPS Cloud allows both business and personal users to have equal access to office productivity software, whether they’re using a traditional PC or mobile device.

To learn more about WPS Cloud and how to get started, visit our website or watch this YouTube. We’re convinced that you’ll be as happy with using WPS Cloud as we are to provide it to you.

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