Marketing 101: How To Increase Conversion Rates

Marketing 101: How To Increase Conversion Rates

For those of you looking for some useful sales funnel templates to increase conversion rates, there are few simple but helpful tips. This article will tell you how you can become more successful using main methods of increasing conversion rate. Some of these points are obvious, but it is always helpful to remind yourself of doing everything right and persistently. So, let’s start.

For like about 5+ years blogging has remained one of the most useful and effective ways to promote products and increase conversion rate by giving more insight into the subject. While blogging has become a separate and independent profession, its value and efficiency increased drastically over the years. Nowadays, it’s a great prospecting tool.
You can start your own blog or cooperate with already existing ones to get traction for your site/product/service. As should be evident, you can also place a blog section on your own website and post articles there regularly. Having a sound content plan will also help your page to be more relevant for search engines. If a potential client is looking for a solution to their specific problem and you have the answer, they will find you first and not your competitor.

2. Social Networks
It is not a secret that social networks have become a massive part of our lives. It is not just about spending our free time scrolling through our feeds and chatting with our friends. During the last few years, social networking has become a must-have promotional solution for various types of businesses. Customers nowadays use social networks to find latest trends, advice, and reviews.
It is crucial for a business to have its own social network pages on different platforms. And a simple page is not enough. A modern customer expects you to communicate in real-time and answer questions. Social Media Marketing is a tool that needs to be researched and mined, this is arguably a better way to target.

3. Pay Per Click
While business promotion keeps evolving with some new methods appearing here and there, pay per click (or a simple PPC campaign) still remains one of the hottest and most helpful ways to gauge and increase your conversion rate. The concept is quite simple, in reality. You start a campaign in AdWords. PPC might save you money on SEO and get better return on investment.

4. Classic PR
Public relation strategies are still in the game, and you should not ignore them. Using them in conjunction with online methods will surely generate leads. What’s “classic” PR? TV commercials, publications in press, direct mailing, and various interactive events. These methods are still effective in our age. If your budget allows, you may want to consider this avenue.

5. Landings
A landing is a page which your customer sees first when they enter your website. It is the face of your website. It should be clear and contain relevant information about your business. If you’re selling something or angling to get customers to perform something, a clear CTA needs to be in place (more on CTAs below). The goal of your landing page is not to entertain but to sell and help. Make sure to direct all traffic to your landing page.

6. Call to Action
Every business owner needs to learn how to structure and deal with calls to action. There may be a few main things you want your client to do. Ask yourself what a person you are talking to needs to do in order for you to generate a sale? Ask them to buy something if you want to sell, ask to read if you want him to be informed, and so on.
You should not hide your calls to action behind some fancy word structures. Just use simple and clear language and tell people what to do. It always works with some simpler things like downloading videos, filling in forms or answering questions. Don’t be afraid to ask or sometimes even command your customer. The format of your call to action depends on your business and style in general.

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