Making Progress Toward 2017 Goals? Keeping Your SMB’s Vision In Sight

Making Progress Toward 2017 Goals? Keeping Your SMB’s Vision In Sight

Last month, we discussed in detail how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can set up specific goal-setting protocols and practices. These include using the right tools, platforms, and solutions—including the WPS Office Spreadsheets app—to systematize and automate the process of staying on track.

If you’ve been following our SMB series, you now also understand the importance from a business standpoint of determining goals rather than resolutions. A primary difference between the two is that goals are generally more actionable and trackable than resolutions, which are often stated as a vague vision of the future rather than a specific end point.

But when it comes to actually achieving your goals, the devil is in the details—and the follow-through. So now that you’ve had the last month to get accustomed to your new system, let’s see how well you’re staying on track with your goal-related planning.

Answer the following questions to see if your current practices will ensure continuity through month-end reporting and fiscal year-end:

  • Have you successfully tracked your SMB’s goals over the past month? Back in January, we’d advised that you determine definite milestones for your SMB to hit en route to the business’s long-term goals. This might be expressed in the form of monthly deliverables that further your progress toward annual goals, or weekly checkpoints that help you gauge if you’re on target to reach monthly benchmarks. Check that you’ve accurately identified appropriate milestones—and if so, be sure that you have effective tools set up to track and capture relevant data. For example, if you wrote down your goals using WPS Office Writer but haven’t gotten around to tracking your SMB’s specific weekly or monthly milestones with Spreadsheets, then you aren’t fully utilizing the power of your productivity solution.

  • Are you holding yourself accountable for your SMB’s annual action plan? If you followed our advice in January, then you figured out an action plan that relates to specific 2017 business goals. What happened after you wrote down your action plan using the WPS Office apps? Are you using it to guide your business decisions and holding yourself and your team accountable to achieving results? Or did you get embroiled in daily demands and drop the ball? The end of each month is the perfect time to regroup and revisit your action plan, as well as your milestones, to make sure that everyone is staying aligned with your SMB’s goals.
  • Are you leveraging the full range of goal-setting tools available to you? Since SMB founders and employees are often challenged with too much to do in too little time, it’s easy to keep limping along with substandard practices rather than making the small effort it takes to use the best tools in their arsenal. That’s a mistake since when it comes to setting and tracking goals, productivity tools can make a huge difference in your experience and ultimate success with goal achievement by making your life much easier. So if you’re still tracking your goals on paper or Post-It Notes rather than employing the intuitive trio of apps in WPS Office, consider how much time and aggravation you could save between now and year-end by setting up a proper system today. The Spreadsheets app has built-in formulas and functions that ease the pain of number-crunching in relation to your goals, and the program even allows you to see how you’re doing at each stage through customizable charts and what-if analysis functions.

As an SMB, a strategy of “winging it” with your goal tracking isn’t prudent. Do what it takes to save time and improve results, and then keep close tabs each month to see how close you are getting to reaching your annual goals. By increasing your awareness of incremental progress achieved versus what’s still needed as you move forward, you’ll know what minor adjustments you may need to make in your stated goals to ensure you hit the mark by next December.

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