Let WPS Office Help with Your Summer Travel Plans

Let WPS Office Help with Your Summer Travel Plans

Here on the brink of summer, your thoughts may be turning to that long-awaited vacation. Fortunately, with today’s tech tools like free office software WPS Office and its free added cloud features, travel this summer or any time of year just got a whole lot easier.

WPS offers some of the best new apps on the market when it comes to mobility and summer travel since they allow you to sync your Office files on both PC and iOS. Here are some tips on how you can boost the power of Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, and more with WPS Office apps—plus tap into the power of WPS Cloud—for travel that’s both lighter and enlightened:

Phone-sized portability. If you’re accustomed to lugging along a computer when you travel since you weren’t able to accomplish all of your work tasks on your smartphone, you’re in for a treat. The recent introduction of WPS Cloud means that you can easily take your office with you on your phone without having to bring your PC along for the ride. No more hassles clearing security checkpoints with your laptop in tow—now you can leave your computer at home as you jet-set free and unencumbered. That’s because WPS Cloud gives you access to its entire free office suite, including WPS Presentation, WPS Spreadsheets, and WPS Writer for anywhere, anytime access to all of your files. So now as you travel, you can view or edit your documents with the WPS Office apps, plus collaborate with colleagues through our link-sharing tools that allow you to communicate across multiple devices and platforms.

Easy-access travel booking. With WPS Cloud on board, you can take care of the business of planning for your trip as well. Let’s start with booking travel—with the free added cloud features from WPS Office, you can not only use cloud connectivity to research and book flights, hotels, and more—but you can also keep records of your findings as you compare destinations and rates via the WPS Office apps. As you plan, don’t forget to try out the WPS PDF converter to make PDFs that you save from Web pages editable in a Word document.

Set and save your itinerary. If you’re already using the Microsoft Office suite for document creation, WPS Office can make the process of crafting a travel itinerary document even more convenient, since WPS apps are 100 percent compatible with MS Office documents. As an MS Word alternative, WPS Writer allows you to easily bang out a travel itinerary that you can view on the go, with the ability to then go back in to view, edit, and update it from the road.

Spreadsheets for cost estimates. There are so many choices today for competitively priced travel and lodging that it’s worth it to compare prices. A free spreadsheet program from WPS Office makes this budget comparison a snap. Check out WPS Spreadsheets, which is 100 percent compatible with Excel files, to effectively organize and present your comparative data and access it on your smartphone. This free WPS Office app comes equipped with hundreds of commonly used formulas and functions as well as built-in formatting, so you’ll be able to view and review your vacation choices at a glance.

Family and team collaboration. The cloud connectivity from WPS Cloud means that once you’ve created your travel-related documents, you can share them with family, friends, and colleagues as needed prior to and during your travel. With WPS Spreadsheet, you can share Sheets with others you select for their buy-in on planning and destinations, share an itinerary with your boss for his or her edits, or share your entire travel folder with people you choose, even if they use a different type of device. It’s the kind of on-the-go collaboration you crave when you’re moving from place to place or even between time zones.

The proof is in the PowerPoint. Once your vacation is done, don’t forget to capture its highlights using WPS Presentation. You can start building a presentation as you travel to capture your favorite vacation memories right from your phone or other handheld device. WPS Presentation allows you to take a PowerPoint file from the Microsoft Office suite and give it that “wow” factor using its advanced animation feature. You can also add multimedia files such as video, images, and audio that you’ve gathered along the way.

Summertime brings much to be thankful for—and the chance for an annual break is definitely near the top of that list. With the mobility and power of WPS Office in your pocket to help you plan and experience your vacation and warm-weather travels more conveniently, now you have even more to feel good about this summer.

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