Kingsoft Launches WPS Office 2019

Kingsoft Launches WPS Office 2019

WPS Office launched its WPS Office 2019 beta version on March 18, 2019. It is the successor of WPS Office 2016 and combines Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentations and PDF into a single module. Users can run this all-in-one tool to open any supported file type. It is easy to use, high compatible, ultra light and brings this unique browser-type experience.

So, what are the main changes WPS Office 2019 bring to you?

1. All-in-one Mode

When users install the application, the system will let users choose bewteen All-in-one Mode and Multi-component Mode. As just mentioned, all-in-one mode is more like a browser and supports opening different types of files within a single application. Users can easily surf the documents and switch them conveniently without opening multiple applications.

For the users who like the traditional way of viewing and editing the files, WPS also kept the original module, in this case one application for each tool.

2. Quick access to recent locations


Now on WPS Office 2019, it got easier to find your recent files. Just under "search for documents", it shows your latest documents. Additionaly you can add and personalize the locations showing on your office suite.

3. Multiple Skin Selections and Beautiful UI Design

Bored with the simple white application skin? WPS Office 2019 provides multiple skins for users and even let users customize the skins as their preference. Simply click Settings in the top tabbar on the home page and choose skin and interface. Then, select or customize the skin you like. Done! Now you can enjoy your completely new experience with WPS Office 2019.

Moreover, besides keeping all the functions in WPS Office 2016, WPS 2019 redesigned the user interface to the one catering for a modern, friendly and convenient experience such as color consistency for each type of tool. It includes a searching bar to find the document on the home page, left navigations, and templates that are provided before creating a new file and so forth.

4. PDF Tools Integrated

In addition to PDF converters, WPS 2019 provides a comprehensive PDF tools for users. It includes read, comments, annotation, page insertion/deletion, and so on. You may not need to download another PDF tool to open and edit your PDF file. WPS Office 2019 contains all you need.

Download WPS Office 2019 now and enjoy this powerfull tool!

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