Keep Your Competitors Closer: 5 Social Media Research Tools

Keep Your Competitors Closer: 5 Social Media Research Tools

The more you know about your competitors the better. This is why it’s a good idea to employ certain techniques such as setting up Google Alerts to track any news about your competitors, or to check BuzzSumo to see how their content is fairing. However, that’s just scratching the surface. To get truly useful insights into your competition, consider using these five social media research tools. They provide reports and other data that you can put to use as you adjust your own social media strategy.

1. Klear

Klear combines competitive research and social listening to give you insights into your competitors across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There is a free version of this product. However, you definitely get more juice out of the paid version. Once you’ve signed up, you can access loads of valuable information.

Customer Demographics

Klear delivers information such as average annual salary, whether or not the majority of their audience identifies as male or female, even the cities and countries from where a brand’s social media audience hails.

Social Media Activity Level

Some businesses are one trick ponies on social media. They rarely post. When they do it’s pretty repetitive. Other businesses are really active. Then there are those that simply aren’t very responsive. If you know which categories your competitors fall in, you can gain a competitive advantage by creating and sharing a variety of deep content and being responsive when your customers engage.

2. Keyhole

Keyhole is setup to work like a search engine. Thanks to this, it’s intuitive enough to start using without much fuss. Keyhole describes itself as being a hashtag tracker. It is, but it also offers much more in addition to being able to get metrics on hashtags, you can also track twitter accounts, mentions, URLs, and Keywords.

To track a competitor, just enter in their URL. The tool will return analytical information tracking conversations on both Instagram and Twitter. This is extremely useful for gauging perception of your competitors, and understanding which of their conversations are earning the most engagement. This can be much more efficient than perusing reviews pages, and paging through comments manually.

3. Facebook Competition Analyzer
This tool offered by Mondovo allows users to analyze up to five Facebook pages. It has a variety of reports that you can run at your disposal. You can learn how your post frequency compares to others. You can also see what kind of posts others are sharing. There’s even a report detailing which pages are leading in terms of likes and engagement, and which are lagging behind. This information can be used to identify the content that is creating the most buzz, and which is largely being blown off. You can even learn where competitors’ fans are located.

4. Snaplytics

Companies have only recently started using SnapChat to engage with customers and boost their brands. As a result, there aren’t many tools to measure success on this particular platform. There are even fewer that are dedicated to competitive analysis. Fortunately, Snaplytics has been created to meet that need.

Any brand can use the tool to monitor post frequency, use of images vs. video, and the frequency and length of engagement. Snapchat analytics may be relatively new, but established brands are using it. In fact, Ben and Jerry’s is a subscriber.

5. YouTube Competitor Comparison Tool

The YouTube Competitor Comparison Tool will help you to measure the success of your video marketing campaigns against your competitors’. It’s simple to use. All you do is paste the URL of your YouTube channel into the box. Then do the same with up to ten competitors.

Next, the tool works to analyze each channel. Once it’s done, it will provide you with a plethora of useful information. You’ll know which are the most popular videos, how much social media engagement is happening, as well as statistics about each channel that you’ve selected.


The list above contains a variety of tools that allows you to up your game when it comes to competitive analysis. Check them all out, or just a few. Your ability to keep up with your competitors’ approach to social media will help you to plan your own marketing and engagement strategies accordingly.

Luisa Brenton is a brand developer in the past; mom, educational blogger in the present. She writes in a variety of venues – academic, business, and online marketing content. Find more on Facebook and Twitter.

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