Job Hunting with WPS Office

Job Hunting with WPS Office

Helps Make Resume Creation and Managing Easy

The first step in using WPS Office for job hunting is to download the software. Recognized as among the best free software alternatives to Microsoft Office, the software is free. WPS Office software is so popular that it has been downloaded more than 1 billion times across the globe. The three elements of the free version of WPS are: Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets.

Today’s job market is fiercely competitive, and job hunters are looking for ways to draw the attention of recruiters in Human Relations or an outsourced search firm. On average, your resume is reviewed for only 6 seconds before it’s put in the “look more closely” or “trash this resume” group. As a result, a number of innovative job seekers are submitting not one, but two, resumes. The first version is a traditional text resume, and the second is a “visual resume” created using WPS Presentation. Why use WPS Presentation instead of a video? You should use it because WPS Presentation is easier and safer. Using Presentation software to make your visual resume doesn’t require video editing, so you don’t have to worry about looking foolish trying to tell your story to a camera.

How to Make a Visual Resume Using WPS Presentation Free Software

This is a simple task; in fact, your little sister can do it for you.

  • Step 1 — Open your WPS Presentation software (remember, it is 100 percent compatible with MS PowerPoint, so you most likely already know the commands to use). Once you open it, go to “create slide show” and convert your resume into slides that follow your resume’s text, using headers as titles for your slide. Once you have done this, save it, and then upload your work to, if you’d like to feature your resume as a slide show PRESENTATION. Boom — you are done. If you want to be even more noticeable, continue reading.
  • Step 2 — If you want to turn your PRESENTATION slide show into a movie, you can do it right from PRESENTATION; just make sure you time things correctly so enough time is between frames for the reader to comfortably read each slide. Preview your movie and upload the show to many of the job sites such as Jobster that allow you to upload directly. Monster does not allow for direct uploading of movie shows, but it does provide a place for you to link your video.
  • Step 3 — In addition to job sites, upload your saved movie to YouTube, your website or blog and wherever else you can save it online — such as allowing the ability to view it in PRESENTATION when you want people to be able to collaborate in read-only mode. This gives recruiters an opportunity to find your visual resume easily.

How to Use WPS WRITER Free Software to Create a Resume

Basically, open the WPS WRITER software, open a new document and begin using all the exceptional features for formatting. Complete your spell check in PRESENTATION and save your new resume to email, fax or snail mail when opportunity comes your way.

How to Use WPS Free SPREADSHEET to Keep Things Under Control

Most job searchers keep copies of their resumes, either visual or traditional, according to key words that they used in their job search. After a few resume submissions, they have loose papers all over the place and often have to redo a resume using keywords that they have used before. A great feature of WPS SPREADSHEET is that is has tabs you can use for text projects such as resumes by keywords or visual PRESENTATIONs that can also be placed in tabs using keywords in the title.


  • WPS Office is 100 percent compatible with other programs such as Microsoft Office. Unlike many Office suite programs, it is also 100 percent free.
  • With such a tight and competitive job market, some frontrunners in job searches have turned to using a “visual resume” to set them apart from the pack.
  • WPS PRESENTATION allows you to create a visual resume easily and quickly.
  • WPS WRITER is a text writing program for creating your text resume.
  • WPS SPREADSHEET is a perfect way to keep track of your visual and text resumes by name and file location. With just a click, you can retrieve the resume you need for the job you want.

For more tips, guides, and information on using WPS Office, please visit our Online Knowledge Base.

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