Is WPS still good on Mac? Here comes the Full Review for this All-In-One office suite

Is WPS still good on Mac? Here comes the Full Review for this All-In-One office suite

June 11, 2020

A Powerful Editor with all-in-one Office Suite & Compatible with MS Office, WPS Cloud that allows working on multiple devices anytime. Anywhere.


For the office software market, especially comes to Mac users, there weren’t exactly any alternatives out there to choose from in the past. Two specific ones were dominating the whole market, Microsoft office suite and Apple’s provided office pack (Keynote, Pages, and Numbers). The former has been quite heavy on the money and later is less compatible with functionality and has poor compatibility, which essentially is the biggest trouble to most average users.

In all, both of them are not quite meeting the need of Mac users who looks for well-featured, more affordable with a great compatibility office suite.

Hence, the new offering is now introduced. If you are looking for something light, Easy to use yet with various features that lessen your working time significantly, here comes the WPS office.


All-in-one Mode

Unlike MS office nor Apple’s set, the WPS office combines all three mainstream officewares, word, excel, PowerPoint into just one install.


In addition to three traditional must-haves, WPS also includes their innovative PDF suite that is the best PDF converter; editor; manager for merge, split, compress PDF files and even more. It is the one product that simple matches all your needs.

Above that, the WPS office also utilizes its WPS cloud inside the All-in-one, allows users no longer restricted by the set office or one device. With the WPS cloud, you are officially entering the new WPS way of working in 2020——Anytime, anywhere, anyone.



Small size but powerful performance. Trending Design offers the best visual experience while maximize efficiency.


For the design of the main interface, WPS altered the formal MS office style and applied this lighter and cleaner type that very much speaks to the MacOS system. For a little bit of extra fun, the set up also comes with two color mode.


Dark mode

With the All-in-one mode, WPS manages to put up a design that coexists writer, spreadsheets, presentation, PDF suite without creating operation chaos.

The idea is to put the suite within this individual tabbed workspace, it’s similar to how the browser manages all those tabs under a single window. This mode keeps the interface from cluttered with a bunch of windows and easier to jump between different files at the same time.


All in all

If you are currently looking for something new for your Mac, WPS office definatly worth taking a shot! And, is free.


For more interesting reviews and contents, go check out WPS offcial website.

It’s now in 2020. It’s WPS way of working.

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