Is pandemic = unemployed?  A story of a tour guide during the pandemic

Is pandemic = unemployed? A story of a tour guide during the pandemic

April 26, 2021

The covid-19 pandemic is a ferocious challenge for every individual in this world, however, during these difficult moments, someone have found new ways to live, to work, to enjoy their lives and Mr. Surathan is one example.

Mr.Surathanan is a tour guide in Chiang Mai. Like everyone else, Mr.Surathanan also starts work from home. However, this pandemic is also a precious opportunity for him.

Can you imagine? Mr. Surathan actually serves as a tour guide, web writer, computer engineer, and photographer at the same time. In the eyes of outsiders, Mr. Surathan is a workaholic, but he deeply loves every job and felt pleased taking multiple jobs.
(Mr. Surathan while working)

Seize the opportunity

Mr.Surathanan said, "The changes in working methods have made me realize the benefits of working from home because I can freely assign my tasks and even work 24 hours a day."

During the pandemic, his job changed from a tour guide who took tourists around then transform to create travel web pages and web operations. In his daily work, he most frequently uses Excel, Word, and PDF to send documents such as travel insurance to his clients.
(Mr. Surathan’s photography)

For workaholics like Mr. Surathan, they really need a kind of software that can improve their work efficiency. Mr. Surathan has been working with WPS Office since he started using his smartphone. At the time, he was looking for an app that could be used to open various formats of documents. Mr.Surathanan has been using WPS Office for two years.

Excellent function

“WPS Office’s tools are classified by categories, which is very easy to select and use, and it’s also very convenient for data input and output. And WPS Office software is perfectly compatible with Microsoft Office.

Mr. Surathan used ‘Writer’ most frequent in WPS Office, he used Word to submit insurance documents or travel agencies to insurance companies. Even in some emergency situations, Mr. Surathan uses WPS Office receipts and invoice templates to deal with the urgent situation directly.

Easy to use on phone

WPS Office template is perfect, I don’t need to download from other websites, WPS Office has improved my convenience of work and the speed of finishing my tasks. So far, I have recommended this app to my colleagues and friends"

For Mr.Surathan, WPS Office helps him improve his working efficiency, he can better organize different types of working documents. By using multiple devices, he can start anytime and anywhere which improves his working pleasure.

“WPS Office is a perfect software, it includes cloud service which really help me work anywhere and fit for my working style.” WPS Office also helped Mr.Surathan in an urgent situation. Once, Mr.Surathan was meeting an important client, and client’s document can not be opened because the document is an old version of Microsoft office format, after that he helped his clients open it with WPS Office on the phone successfully.

Mr. Surathan said that if the full score is 10 points, he will give WPS Office 11 points.

In fact, it is very difficult to find a job that you like. What's more, such as Mr. Surathan can do a variety of jobs that he enjoys, which is very precious in the current impetuous life. The essence of work is to make yourself feel fulfilled and happy.

The pandemic will not overwhelm us, we can use the time that the pandemic has given to us to think more about our work and rearrange our life. Don’t forget that WPS Office can improve your work efficiency,start your journey with WPS Office and start enjoying your work!


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