Introducing WPS Office Templates at

Introducing WPS Office Templates at

June 25, 2019

WPS Office includes many built-in templates within the software application. However, if you are looking for some particular template but you cannot find it within the app, don't worry - you can find more online at WPS official online template website.

What are the WPS Office templates?

WPS Office templates are the preconfigured document files with pre-design professional and standard layouts and themes. When you open a template, it is ready for you to edit in place. You just need to simply add data or make a few design changes to complete a beatified document file.

What are the types of templates WPS Office offers?

Bascially, WPS Office provides three kinds of templates - Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation which caters for the three office components. For the categories, it embraces business presentations, financial reports, holiday cards, resumes, schedule forms, calendars, and so forth. Currently, it is free to use all the templates.

Examples of some popular theme templates

1. Resume [Word/Writer]


Download this standard Resume template
Click here to find more Resume templates

2. Business Plan [Presentation]


Download this Business Plan template
Click here to get more Business templates.

3. Finance [Excel/Spreadsheet]


Download this Sales Volume of E-business template
Click here to get more Finance templates.

4. Plan & Schedule [Excel/Spreadsheet]


Download this Fitness template
Click here to get more Plan templates.

Want to get more templates? Go to WPS Templates Online.

How to get online WPS Office templates and apply them?

It is easy to get online WPS Office templates. Just go to the website, and click the template you like or search for more theme templates using the search bar on the right top.


When you get to the template detail page, click the "Use Now" button to preview and edit the whole template online, or you can also download the template by clicking the besides button. You can also share this template through social media accounts with your friends using the social media share icons on the right.


After clicking "Use Now", the preview of the template will show up. You can try to make some small changes and play the slides to see the result. If you are satisfied with this template, click the rightmost button on the top bar to download this template.


If you have not signed in the account, please log on to your account first to download the templates. After downloading, just use WPS Office application to open it.

Done! Now, enjoy your new template and feel free to customize it for your own.

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