Interesting Tech Trends To Watch As CES 2018 Approaches

Interesting Tech Trends To Watch As CES 2018 Approaches

With the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, approaching for 2018, it’s time to start thinking about the possible tech trends you’ll see on display.
As the global stage for innovation, CES is well known for showcasing the latest cutting edge technology for consumers. It’ll be interesting to see just how many budding tech trends will become the future of technology.
If you’re lucky enough to go or eagerly awaiting live news updates for 2018’s conference, see how many of these trends appear at the show.

IoT Security
You’ll be introduced to numerous new Internet of Things devices at CES 2018. However, a new trend among those devices will likely be advanced security features. IoT devices face quite a few security challenges which make them vulnerable to attacks. Expect to see devices becoming more secure. In fact, security is already starting to become a major feature of some newer devices.

AR Outpaces VR
Augmented reality and virtual reality are often used interchangeably, but they’re different. AR mixes the real world with virtual elements, such as Pokémon Go. VR involves taking you out of the real world completely.
AR is already a major tech trend, but you’ll likely see far more advances in AR technology at CES 2018. VR gadgets are still bulky, but it’s becoming easier to to enjoy mixed-reality and AR experiences from the palm of your hand.

Machine Learning And AI
Machine learning and AI are already hot tech trends, but they’re constantly evolving. While they’re not the same thing, machine learning is a form of AI. They’re both interesting trends because you never know how they’ll be used next. Odds are, CES 2018 will see smarter cars, more robots and home devices (like Amazon Echo or Google Home) that utilize machine learning.
Thanks to advances in this area, you’ll probably see more assistant-style devices in businesses instead of just for personal use.

Facial Recognition
You probably think that facial recognition is nothing new, but expect to see far more applications for this tech trend. For instance, you may even see facial recognition used as a payment method. Brands may use the technology for marketing. Of course, you’ll also see many more devices employing this trend as a security method.

Smart Toys
In 2017, the United States saw over 118 million smart toys shipped. The smart toy trend grew massively in 2017 and it’s an interesting tech trend to continue watching. As CES 2018 approaches, you’ll see more hype surrounding new smart toy brands and toys. In fact, it’s expected that smart toy sales will reach over 660 million by 2020 and be worth $8.4 billion. Smart toys were huge for the holidays and CES will likely introduce kids to even more must-have smart toys for 2018.

Voice Activated Skills
Voice-enabled speakers, such as Amazon’s Echo, are growing in popularity. In fact, the usage grew by 128.9% from 2016. You’ve already seen more players in the market, such as Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now instead of just Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.
This tech trend isn’t going to just stop growing. In fact, it’ll be interesting to see how many new voice activated skills these virtual assistants get as CES 2018 approaches. While you’ll likely see many more voice controlled devices, skills are going to be dominate as consumers want their devices to do even more.

Personal Cars
While self-driving cars aren’t quite ready yet, another interesting tech trend is a more personalized experience in traditional cars. Newer cars already have voice activated features, but you’ll see cars adding more machine learning elements. For instance, you might be able get in your car and have it automatically tune to your favorite morning station, turn the seat warmer on and even adjust the seat based on your voice.

This is just a small sample of the tech trends that will see growth as CES 2018 gets closer. As companies introduce new devices, apps and even technologies, these trends and more will grow and adapt to consumer’s changing needs.

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