How To Write Beautiful Valentine's Day Letters With WPS Office

How To Write Beautiful Valentine's Day Letters With WPS Office

Yes, you could go out and brave the crowds to purchase the same Valentine’s Day card that a thousand other people are going to send to their loved one.

Or, you could write beautiful Valentine’s Day letters that are 100% unique and mean so much more. Plus, you’ll save on all those expensive cards.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take long to write your own letters. And no, you don’t have to physically write anything. You just have to know a few tricks to crafting a beautiful letter your loved ones will want to keep forever.

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you’re going to spend time crafting letters, you probably want to know why. The legend behind Valentine’s Day varies based on who’s telling it. In fact, there are three main legendary Valentines that they holiday may have stemmed from.

The first was a priest who was martyred around 270 CE. The priest gave his jailer’s daughter a letter signed “from your Valentine.” It was rumored he had also healed the girl of blindness. Some say the holiday is based around St. Valentine of Terni.

However, the most common legend deals with the tragic death of St. Valentine. He died on February 14th and was known for secretly marrying couples, which eventually led to his death.

Historians give credit to Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote a poem in 1381 about St. Valentine and love, for starting the trend of celebrating Valentine’s Day. The first formal valentines began in the 1500s and commercially printed cards started by the 1700s.

Now, people spend over $130 per person on average for Valentine’s Day, with national spending topping out around $18 billion. A free Valentine’s Day letter probably sounds really good right about now, doesn’t it?

Who Should You Write Valentine’s Letters To

Since cards aren’t always the cheapest option, you probably only give Valentine’s Day cards to a few choice people. However, you should spread the love. By using WPS Office, you can craft numerous letters to send to loved ones, friends and even strangers.

Yes, strangers need love too. Think about lonely seniors in nursing homes who rarely get visitors. Partner with local organizations to send letters to active military and veterans. It’s amazing how a letter can brighten a person’s day, even if it’s from someone they don’t know. Who knows, you might even strike up a friendship and gain a pen pal. Don’t worry, WPS Office has templates for all types of letters.

If you want even more reason to send out letters, check out More Love, which is an organization that wants to spread more love in the world through letter writing.

How To Set The Scene

A white piece of paper with some words on it is nice. In fact, it’s a great start. However, it’s just kind of bland. Imagine Valentine’s Day cards with any images. No one would buy them.

You could spend hours trying to draw your own hearts and shapes or you could take an easier route and use Valentine’s Day templates. WPS Office includes numerous templates, including perfect options for spouses, friends, co-workers, kids and more.

For instance, the heart balloon template is ideal for kids who want to give something to their friends at school or even for a parent giving a Valentine to their child.

Want a template that makes the perfect addition to your gift? Try our conversation-style heart template for a quick, thoughtful message. Maybe a romantic haiku perhaps?


Have a lot to say and want something more romantic? You can’t go wrong with a red rose template. It’s traditional and it’ll inspire you to say what’s in your heart.


Writing The Perfect Valentine’s Day Letter

There isn’t a right or wrong way to write a Valentine’s Day Letter. To fit with the more romantic theme, you might want to opt for a cursive style font. For kids or friends, you could even opt for something fun like Comic Sans.

The next step is to simply say how you feel. You could even just write a list of why you love them or list a few of your favorite memories.

Don’t be afraid to try your hand a writing a poem. Remember, they don’t have to rhyme. Use Writer’s Digest for inspiration on poetry styles.

Love is in the air and a creative gift like this is the perfect way to tell someone you love and appreciate them. Add a box of chocolates and you’re all set. Want to be even more impressive? Play around with different ways to fold your letter or experiment with origami to show just how creative you really are.

Do you liked the templates? That's exclusive on WPS Office. Download it now!

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