How To Use WPS Office To Create Personalized Gifts

How To Use WPS Office To Create Personalized Gifts

November 20, 2018

Personalized gifts are always more meaningful and they’re easy to make.

You may already use WPS Office to create documents, manage your budget or create presentations, but did you know you could also create personalized gifts?

Gifts aren’t about how much money you spend, but the thought behind them. What’s better than something you created all on your own?

All you need is WPS Office, some paper and a bit of creativity to create incredible gifts that are sure to be a hit with friends, family, co-workers and more.

Create Gift Certificates And Books

One of the easiest personalized gifts to make is gift certificates. You know those fun coupon books you see in stores? Create your very own. It could be a gift certificate for a romantic date night or getting to pick anything for dinner. It might be a certificate for a $100 shopping spree for your child at their favorite store.

If you’re doing a coupon book, come up with things you know the person loves to do, but you also enjoy. If you need some inspiration, check out these fun Pinterest ideas. They’ll give you a great starting point.

Put Together A Memorable Slideshow

Want to make friends and family laugh and cry? Use WPS Presentation to create a slideshow they’ll always remember. Add music, photos and anecdotes for a highly personal gift. If you can’t show it to them in person, place it on a USB drive for them to play whenever they want. You can even print the slides to create a personalized book of the story. Use card stock or glossy paper to make it last longer and look more professionally made.

Print Photo Collages

In the spirit of photos, if you don’t want to create a full slideshow, create a photo collage. Gather together your favorite pictures of each person and create collages filled with memories. You can even add pictures of their hobbies, dreams, pets and more. All you need after that is a nice frame to put the collage in. The best part is everyone will love passing their collages around to see what they look like and share memories. Use photo paper for higher quality collages.

Write Something Fun Or Personal

WPS Writer is perfect for creating documents, but you don’t have to just create reports or something boring. Instead, get creative and compose a poem, song, short story or heartfelt letter to those you love.

Personalized gifts don’t get more personal than this. To make it even more special, add a transparent background behind the text and don’t be afraid to try out different fonts besides Arial and Times New Roman. Adding a photo as the background along with a nice border adds the finishing touch to your gift.

Create Your Own Gift Wrap

If you’ve already gotten them a gift, but want to personalize it, why not create your own gift wrap? Print out pages that are meaningful to the recipient. It might be photos, inside jokes, nicknames or anything else. Take advantage of the drawing tools to get even more creative. Not only do they get a great gift, but they’ll want to keep the wrapping too!

Make Personalized Calendars

Personalized calendars aren’t just fun gifts, but useful too. After all, who couldn’t use another calendar? Depending on how creative you want to get, each month could be a picture that brings back fun memories. Or, create a photo collage for each month. Each collage might represent a holiday that occurs that month, like a birthday, or a trip you took during that month.

Draw Your Own Coloring Pages

If you’re good at graphic design, draw your own coloring pages. The drawing tools in WPS Writer make it easy to create stunning pages. You could just create works of art if you’re feeling really creative like Tatsuo Horiuchi does with a spreadsheet. While this will take longer, it’s still a fun gift that both kids and adults will love.

Design Fun T-Shirts

You don’t have to be quite as creative to design fun t-shirts. By using iron-on transfer paper, print your designs and iron them on to blank shirts to create personalized gifts your friends and family can wear for years to come. These are fairly easy to do and incredibly easy to personalize.

You don’t have to fight the shopping rush. Go ahead and use the free WPS Office tools to create gifts everyone will love.

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