How to Use WPS OCR Feature (Image to Text)

How to Use WPS OCR Feature (Image to Text)

March 22, 2019

Let's say for example you took a picture of a book page(s) or saved an intereting infoimage to use later.

Did you have to waste time to type all that info into a document or without success you used random online tools to transform pictures into text and the result was a mess?

Well dearly reader, WPS Office Premium comes with this amazing, easy and accurate VIP tool. If you're a WPS user and you don't know how to use this feature, I will show you how to do so in easy steps. Ready?!

  1. Open the WPS writer. On the tab in the top page click on "Cloud", then click on "Picture to Text".


  1. A WPS OCR window will pop up. Click on the middle icon to select the picture you want to transform into text.


  1. You can see that the image you selected will show up in the left side of the window. On the right side click on "Start Pairsing".


  1. A notice will pop up about the picture you selected being temporarily uploaded to the server for conversion purposes. Click on "Agree and continue".


  1. Wait for the conversion. On the left you will have the image and on the right side you will see the text sample of the conversion. If you are satisfied with the result click on "save" on the top left of the window.


  1. Select the location where the new 'doc' file will be saved. Confirm again clicking on "save".


  1. Now that you are done, double check the saved document. Look into the files and open it on WPS writer.


Believe me when I say that the convertion is super accurate. Probably no editions will be necessary. How great is it?!

Stop overpaying for subscriptions with limited benefits.

For an affordable, easy to use, and accurate OCR feature, Download WPS now and become a Premium member.

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