How to Show or Hide Gridlines on Spreadsheet

How to Show or Hide Gridlines on Spreadsheet

Gridlines are the faint lines that appear between cells on the worksheet by default.


When using spreadsheet to create different forms such as budget, calendar, payment receipt, and sales report, there is a way to make the worksheet to look more professional and neat. This way is to hide the gridlines so the background of the worksheet will become white. Those lines you see on spreadsheet will disappear.

There are two methods to remove gridlines:

Method 1

1.Click the small button over 'Premium' on the top left corner, then hang over 'Tools', and click 'Options'

find options

2.Uncheck Gridlines under Window Options and click 'OK' to confirm.


Method 2

Navigate to the View tab in the toolbar and uncheck View Gridlines box


Gridlines is removed. Now, you can change the background style or color.


However, what if we only want to add gridlines for the cells we are working on?
Fairly simple. Just choose the working cells and choose the border style you want.


The desirable worksheet is shown like below.


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