How to Add and Print Background to Documents

How to Add and Print Background to Documents

In this article, we will make the picture background as an example. In WPS Office, go to “Page Layout” > “Page Color”, and then select “Picture”, and the Fill Effects dialog will pop up.
add pic background

Select a picture from your computer and press OK. The picture will be inserted into the document as background.
select pic background

Print Document with Background Picture
Please note that when printing the document, the background picture will not display. If you need to print the picture as well, you can follow these steps:
insert picture
Step 1. Add the picture to the header or footer of the document.
Step 2. Double click to set the picture layout as Behind Text.
Step 3. Stretch the picture to fit the paper size.
Step 4. Go to Writer menu > Options > Print tab, tick the checkbox before Drawing objects, and press OK.

You can also convert the document with background picture to PDF, and print it directly.

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