How to Lower Computing Costs—Without Sacrificing Features

How to Lower Computing Costs—Without Sacrificing Features

Office productivity software can be pricey. Some IT teams might assume that the only way to get the gold standard for helping their teams and mobile workforces improve communication and collaboration is to pay for it. Without knowing the full range of options for office software, companies might find themselves shelling out $70-$100 per year for Microsoft Office 365. Even “lower-priced” options like the Google G Suite require subscription-based fees for usage, and forking over $10 per month for app use and storage can quickly add up to significant expenses.

But as we’ve pointed out in past posts, the phrase “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always apply. Many users—both individuals and small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) alike—agree with Laptop Mag’s assessment of the free office software from WPS Office. That assessment is that WPS Office is “the most attractive Office 365 alternative” in the office software space. We would actually take that flattering compliment one step further to say that WPS Office is not just an alternative, but the complete choice for both business and personal users. And what’s more…it’s free!

For those who might be tempted to point out that Office 365 offers a free trial option, keep in mind that at the end of your 30 days, it will expire. When that happens, you either need to start paying or stop playing. That creates problems with business continuity, and you don’t want to be hopping from platform to platform gathering temporary freebies that will ultimately leave you high and dry unless you start dropping quarters in the slot.

Feature-Rich—And Really Free
The reason that industry analysts have repeatedly highlighted the strengths of WPS Office is that the office suite software allows you to significantly lower—and in terms of the software itself, eliminate—your computing costs while retaining the rich features you need in a powerful platform. While with some free office software you trade off quality for price, that’s not the case with WPS Office. You’re not working on borrowed time to get what you need—these features are locked, loaded, and ready to go as soon as you download the app.

In case you’re wondering what you get for what you don’t have to pay for, here’s a list for starters:

Full compatibility. We’re not saying that Microsoft’s suite of e-tools isn’t powerful—it is. That’s why we’ve made WPS Office 100 percent compatible with their core trio of programs: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Our Writer app supports Word files, our Spreadsheets app supports Excel files, and our Presentation app supports PowerPoint files. So when someone sends you any of these types of documents, there are no compatibility problems when you try to open, edit, and save them.

Free storage. Our free office software includes 1 GB of complimentary storage space on WPS Cloud, our new cloud platform that is a powerful tool for collaboration and secure office file cloud storage. You can share documents with others via team folders so anyone you choose can review and edit your files. You can also save documents to WPS Cloud for later viewing and editing from your smartphone or computer. The platform even provides historical version management to avoid mixing up file versions.

Tools, templates, and techniques. WPS Office offers everything that you’d expect to find in a high-performing office productivity platform, from PDF conversion tools, free templates to improve process and professionalism, drag and drop capabilities, section navigation, multiple document tabs, and much, much more. Click here to read more about our full range of free features that can fulfill all of your document needs.

We hope you’ll agree that free is a very good price for this substantial office software. For those who need even more features than we offer with WPS Office 2016 Free, you can opt for WPS Office Premium. You’ll still come out way ahead in your budget versus MS Office and other office productivity software. Even our paid Premium package costs just $29.99 a year—less than half than what you’ll pay for Office 365. You can also opt to go monthly at just $3.99 per month. To learn more about how to take advantage of our price-conscious products, visit

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