How To Delete the WPS Office Account?

How To Delete the WPS Office Account?

Delete your WPS Office account in simple steps. Check this easy-to-do tutorial bellow:

1. Access The page should look like this:

Delete WPS Account

2. Sign in using your WPS Office account
3. When logged into your account click on “Personal Information”.

Delete WPS Account 2

4. Click on “Delete Account” on the bottom left corner.

Delete WPS Account 3

5. The delete account window will pop up. Click on the delete red button.

Delete WPS Account 4

6. The next step is the authentication. Insert the email related to the WPS Office account.

7. Check your email the “Verification Code”.

8. Insert the code in the proper bar.

9. Press “Confirm”.

Delete WPS Account 5

10. Your WPS Office account is now deleted.

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