How to convert your PPT to Video Free

How to convert your PPT to Video Free

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Video is usually used in office, school and social media. Sometimes we want to show it so that we have to tab the click button on the slide show, and convert our Presentation to the video can reduce our work that we'll click on this play one time automatically.

Well, this is one of the most basic functions that we often need in school or office.

Considering the internet is filled with PPT to Video converter, some of that is very expensive. Now, you can convert your PPT to Video(such as *.MPEG, .MP4, .TS) free and easy with WPS Presentation, you're not spending as much money. It's all done from the convenience of yourself!

You can also click the link below to watch the video tutorial from our Youtube channel!👉

OK, let's get started!

First, look for the option called “Tools” on the top menu bar. Then, Click on it!


Now you can see all the choices under the "Tools" bar.


Click on the Video Exporting, we can see it is the third on the left.


And you can also change the location where you want to save. Click the "Save" and wait for it!


Now, we can check the video. With this simple step, you can convert your ppt to video easily.

Try it now!


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It’s now in 2020. It’s WPS way of working.

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