How The Flexible Work Environment Trend Is Boosting Productivity

How The Flexible Work Environment Trend Is Boosting Productivity

The rise of telecommuting and freelancing has drastically changed how and where people work. A shocking trend is how this flexible work environment is actually boosting productivity.
In the past, businesses wanted employees in one place to ensure they got their work done. Now, businesses are enjoying more productive employees by giving them the freedom to set their own schedules and work at least in part at home.
It might seem like employees would take advantage of these flexible policies, but most don’t. They’re just happy an employer is willing to work with their schedule.

Feel Happier With Their Job
One survey found that people who telecommute are 87% more likely to love their jobs. While only 24% of people working in an office love their jobs, 45% of telecommuters love their jobs. When someone loves their job, they work harder and more efficiently. They don’t get distracted as easily or daydream about greener pastures.
Simply having more choices in scheduling and work environment changes employees’ moods. The result is higher overall productivity.

Businesses See Less Downtime
When all employees are clustered in a single office, all work ceases if the Internet goes down or the power goes out. With a flexible work environment, businesses always have some employees working outside the office. This means when something does happen, some employees are still able to keep things up and running.
For instance, if all employees are using WPS Office for analyzing data and creating reports, it would be easy for someone at home to continue working on a project, no matter what’s going on in the actual office. They could share files in the cloud to continue working as a team with other telecommuters.

Lower Turnover Rates
As employees get married, have kids or have to move to take care of aging parents, they may not be able to handle the same commute or schedule. It’s hard to have a productive work environment when businesses are constantly having to bring in new people and go through training again and again.
In fact, a FlexJobs study found that 52% of employees who want a flexible work environment say they need it for family reasons. By being more flexible, businesses are able to keep highly skilled employees, even when employees’ needs change.

Work Around Any Issues
It’s difficult for employees to be productive when they’re stressed out about trying to find the right work/life balance. The FlexJobs study found that 74% of employees wanted flexible jobs for this very reason.
Instead of stressing or having to leave work to go to the doctor or pick up a sick child, they’re able to schedule their work around their personal life. The result is higher productivity due to less stress.

Fewer Distractions At Home Or During Off Hours
An office environment is about as calm as a daycare center during play time. Phones are ringing, people are chatting, everyone keeps getting up to grab coffee or a snack and there’s always a meeting going on somewhere. It’s hard to focus. According to FlexJobs, 54% of telecommuting employees choose their home over the office as the most productive environment for them.
Of course, being able to go into the office during off-hours works well too. In fact, 18% of employees found the office a productive place, but only during off-hours. This is just another reason that a flexible schedule works best for employees and businesses.

Less Friction Between Co-Workers
Employees aren’t always going to get along. The office is basically high school, except everyone gets paid. A flexible work environment means employees are able to avoid conflicts that could reduce overall productivity. Depending on how bad the friction gets, businesses could even lose employees.
Letting employees work around people they might not get along with means they feel more comfortable. This leads to better productivity and happier employees.
Do you telecommute? If so, does it make you feel more productive and why?

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