How Nostalgia Tech Is Making Old School Cool Again

How Nostalgia Tech Is Making Old School Cool Again

You can’t go a single week without some new amazing tech gadget or app coming out, but that doesn’t mean the tech you used to love isn’t still cool.
In fact, a trend is sweeping the tech industry – nostalgia tech. While innovation isn’t coming to an end, the tech world is embracing a mash up of old and new.
Don’t be surprised if you fall for some of these old school gadgets with a modern twist. After all, even the newest tech could learn a few lessons from the past.

Typewriters Make A Comeback
While most people use a keyboard or a touchscreen to do all their typing, there’s still something extremely satisfying about using a typewriter. The only problem is fixing mistakes is a massive pain. Of course, there’s all that paper to buy too. Here’s where the nostalgia tech trend gives you the best of both worlds.
Several different companies are making modern typewriters. However, these old school typewriters have a few tricks up their sleeves, such as cloud sync, e-screens and data encryption. A few great examples include:

  • Freewrite – This portable typewriter has more of a laptop style keyboard, but an e-screen that feels like a typewriter. Your words are stored in the cloud and encrypted.
  • USB Typewriter – These are actual typewriters that have been converted to work with SD cards and tablets. Type with paper and back up your words to an SD card. Or, connect your tablet to the dock and use the typewriter in place of a keyboard.
  • QWERKYWRITER – This cute mechanical style keyboard works as a dock for your tablet or a replacement for your desktop keyboard. It’s simple, but gives that all important retro feel.
  • Old Games Get New Life
    Most video gamers aren’t going to give up their Playstation or Xbox for an old NES or Atari. However, those old school gaming systems are still cool. In fact, when Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition that was basically a mini-console filled with retro games, it sold out. Demand was so high, they even created the Super NES Classic Edition. Nintendo isn’t the only one profiting from the nostalgia trend. Sega, Atari and other game companies released their own all-in-one consoles.

    Vinyl Is The New Must Have
    Most people thought vinyl was dead when CDs took the market by storm. However, vinyl sales in 2015 were higher than both CD sales and ad-supported streaming service revenues (this doesn’t include streaming subscription plans). The nostalgia tech trend has encouraged a new type of media player. Instead of MP3 docks or Bluetooth speakers, some systems are now a mix of record player, MP3 player, Bluetooth speaker, tape deck and radio. There are even some incredible modern turntables that are must haves for vinyl collectors.

    Smartphones Go Old School
    Smartphones are great, but sometimes it’s nice to have physical buttons. And who can forget flip-phones that kept screens from getting damaged? Nostalgia tech is alive and well in the smartphone industry. For instance, BlackBerry is back with a smartphone that combines a physical keyboard with many of the smartphone features people know and love.
    Nokia also has a retro phone that’s ideal if you’d prefer not to be notified from an app every two seconds. Plus, the battery can last up to a month on stand by. Today’s smartphones can’t do that, but a modern retro phone can.

    Sound From A Phonograph
    Phonographs were an incredible innovation at the time, but since then, there have been numerous types of speakers. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not still cool. The Luciano speaker combines Bluetooth and modern sound with the elegance and sound purity of a ceramic phonograph. The combination is designed to provide optimal sound while giving you a speaker that your friends will be envious of.

    Do you own any nostalgia tech devices? Are there any old school tech that you’d wish would make a comeback?

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