How High School Graduates Could Become The Next Zuckerberg

How High School Graduates Could Become The Next Zuckerberg

  • More successful entrepreneurs graduate college versus dropping out
  • You don’t have to choose between college and starting a business
  • The best entrepreneurs must master one single skill above all others

  • Every high school graduate would love to create the next great Internet trend and become the new Mark Zuckerberg. However, it’s not as easy to become a millionaire as dropping out of college after creating a website. This doesn’t mean you can’t start paving the way to success.

    Zuckerberg’s success is impressive, but it doesn’t work that way for everyone. However, don’t give up. You can start finding your own early success right after graduation.

    Skip College For Business

    If people like Mark Zuckerberg can drop out of college and still be insanely successful, why bother going to college at all? Despite a few notable success stories, such as Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, many other CEOs and startup giants are college graduates. They learned the foundation they needed for starting, running and growing a business.

    Out of a study of 11,745 US business leaders, 94% attended college. This means your first step towards becoming the next Zuckerberg could be attending college.

    However, there is an argument for going the entrepreneurial route right after your high school graduation. You’ll need to already have gained some business skills and know how to network to make the right connections to get your idea off the ground.

    The choice between college or pursuing your passion right away depends on your current financial situation, business savvy and ability to successfully market your ideas.

    Learn And Plan

    An ideal approach is to attend college while you work on your startup. College is an ideal location for building important connections that you’ll need to find investors, partners, beta testers, marketers and more. For instance, a professor might know someone in your niche that would love to hear more about your idea.

    Take the next 2-4 years of college to create a solid business plan, study your target audience and perfect your product. Pick a major that compliments your idea. For instance, if you wanted to create the next Facebook, you might study web development and marketing.

    Before you even graduate college, your startup might already be making waves. By the time you finish college, you have a business that’s ready to grow and thrive.

    Learn To Solve Problems

    What separates top entrepreneurs from the rest? It’s not always about who has the better sounding idea. It’s all about who solves the most relevant problems. While Forbes lists 10 important skills for all entrepreneurs to have, the ability to evolve is the single most important skill to have.

    How do you evolve? You study people and learn about their problems. Odds are, the basic idea you have right now has already been done. For instance, think about eye makeup. There are hundreds and even thousands of different types of eye shadow and mascara. When a truly innovative new line is released, it’s because the creator was able to evolve from what currently existed. How do you think we suddenly got waterproof mascara after decades of raccoon eyes every time the wearer sweated or cried?

    Zuckerberg built upon the basic idea of social networking that already existed with MySpace. His idea on its own wasn’t anything new. However, he studied what people liked and hated about the platform. Suddenly, Facebook became a solution to problems people already had with social networking.

    If you’re ready to go from high school graduate to multi-millionaire, learn to solve problems. Ask questions, network online, listen to people’s complaints and list common issues. This gives you a foundation for creating the next big startup.

    Start Small Right Away

    Whether you decide to go to college, pursue your business idea right away or do a combination of college and business planning, there is one thing you should start doing immediately after your high school graduation. Do something right away to get your business idea rolling. Go ahead and come up with a business name, write a basic business plan, create a timeline for achieving certain goals and/or create a website to start building hype as you work on your startup.

    Most importantly, don’t try to be Zuckerberg or anyone else. Work to be the success story everyone else wants to live up to.

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