How Dropbox Works And Why You Should Use It

How Dropbox Works And Why You Should Use It

Many businesses need a backup data plan and a way to conveniently share files. No other program does this better than Dropbox. This service works by subscribing and downloading their free service that offers limited file storage.

There's a reason why Dropbox is so popular. Users can conveniently access this platform on their desktop, tablet, and smartphones. With Dropbox's simple software, file upload and sharing are simple.

Users can upload, store, and share files across a wide array of file types. You can even host group projects and team collaboration on Dropbox.

The free service caps at 2GB of storage. Storage exceeding this amount must either delete files or upgrade to an advanced service.

Are you interested in using Dropbox? Read this guide and understand how Dropbox works.

How Dropbox Works

Dropbox offers a variety of services for your data. You can upload your files and send them to another user with a Dropbox account.

Even if you have no need to transfer files, you can use your Dropbox account as a separate storage hard drive, conveniently storing and accessing your files on the cloud.

Dropbox's advanced software ensures your data is secured. Your account is locked with a username and password you create. Other powerful encryption methods are enacted to guarantee your data is safe.

Uploading Files

When you first sign up with Dropbox, your account is empty. How Dropbox works are uploading and saving your files so they can be stored or sent.

Your files automatically save after you upload them. Your Dropbox folder acts as cloud storage, allowing access from anywhere in the world.

You can access your files when you sign on Dropbox's desktop platform, both online and through your downloadable folder. Or, you can download the Dropbox app and access your files on your tablet or smartphone.

You can upload files from any of these platforms. One of the easiest uploading methods is on a desktop.

When you first sign up for Dropbox, you can download the Dropbox folder. File transfer to a desktop is easy -- just drag and drop your files. Take the file from its original location, select the file, and drag it to your Dropbox folder.

Your file will take time to transfer from its original file to its new location in your Dropbox. You can also copy and paste the file into your Dropbox folder. This ensures the file is stored in two different places.

Upload Files on the Dropbox Website

You can also upload your files on the Dropbox website. How Dropbox works when uploading online files is by selecting the "upload" icon on the top right of the screen. Browse your files and select the one (or ones) you want to upload.

With both file uploads and online uploads, there are a few different factors to understand. First, are Dropbox's upload icons. There are three different icons: a green check, blue arrows, and a red X.

  • Blue arrows: File is uploading.
  • Green check: File upload is complete.
  • Red X: File upload was unsuccessful.

If you decide to upload your files online, Dropbox has a limit of 10GB size per file (for advanced accounts). For larger files and folders, use the desktop application.

Sharing Files

After you upload your files, you can simply store them or share them. But how do you share Dropbox files? Since your files are pre-uploaded to Dropbox, how Dropbox works are sending files quickly with little effort.

There are two ways to share Dropbox files: through the system to another Dropbox user and copying the Dropbox link.

After you finish uploading your files, your files will be displayed on the left side of your account.

Highlight the file you want to send. To the right will be a "share" option. You can also select the file and a share option will display on the top right of the screen.

A pop-up will appear. Enter the name of the person who will receive the file or the email associated with the account. This pop up also displays the following options:

  • Can edit
  • Can view
  • Can comment

Select the appropriate option for your file and the person who's receiving the file.

From here, send the file. The person will receive an email or Dropbox notification of the file transfer.

Send a Folder

Do you need to send multiple files? Create a folder using the files that need to be sent.

To create a folder on Dropbox, go to your account homepage. On the top right corner, select "new shared folder." You'll be given two options:

  • Create a new folder
  • Share an existing folder

If you're creating a new folder, make a name for your folder and enter the name or email of the person who's receiving the folder. From here, either drag and drop files already on your Dropbox account or upload new files to the folder.

Send a Link

Are you sharing a Dropbox file or folder to someone who isn't a Dropbox user? You can create a shareable link.

Follow the traditional instructions for sharing a file or a folder. But rather than including user information, copy the link that's displayed. From here, you can paste that link into any communication system.

Other Important Dropbox Information

These are the most important aspects of using Dropbox. But there are other important Dropbox features.

All updates are done in real-time. This means the minute you send a file, Dropbox will notify the user when it's sent.

If you receive a folder or file, Dropbox will automatically notify you. This prevents any miscommunication or uncertainties when receiving or sending the content.

With real-time updates and mass file sending, you can invite groups on a Dropbox file. This helps if you're working on a group project.

Of course, Dropbox works best with an office suite to create and edit documents. WPS Office is fully integrated with Dropbox on the mobile app. Whether you work on an Android or iOS device, you can save your documents to Dropbox easily and have them ready for you on the desktop. Take a look at our products.

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