Holiday Trip Planning Tools For The Perfect Christmas Getaway

Holiday Trip Planning Tools For The Perfect Christmas Getaway

Ready for the perfect Christmas getaway? Don’t let holiday trip planning stress you out. All you need is the right tools.

Whether you’re off to visit family or want to travel the world to see incredible Christmas festivals, a little planning will make your trip much more fun.

You don’t have to try planning it all on your own either. Use holiday trip planning tools to create a Christmas vacation you’ll always remember.

Google Trips

Google Trips is a must-have for finding the perfect places to go while on your Christmas getaway. Uncover great restaurants, museums, attractions and much more with just a tap on the map. It’s also a great way to compare destinations to see which one has the most stuff for you to do.

In addition, Google Trips gathers all your travel details together from your Gmail inbox. The good news is the app makes all this data available offline so everything you need is there, even when Wi-Fi isn’t.


Want to learn more about potential destinations? Like getting reviews from fellow travelers? Look no further than TripAdvisor. It’s an all-in-one trip planning app and site. Discover both popular and lesser known attractions to create the best trip possible for you. Look at reviews for destinations, attractions, hotels, flights, restaurants and more. You can even check out guides from other users.

WPS Office

To-do lists and spreadsheets are your best friends when it comes to planning the perfect Christmas getaway. They’re commonly overlooked when it comes to holiday trip planning tools. However, creating a detailed packing list for each person going on the trip is vital for making sure you don’t forget anything. WPS Office offers free document and spreadsheet tools to help you better organize your trip plans. You can even create a PowerPoint style presentation for your itinerary.


Create a master itinerary to keep track of your flights, hotel check-ins, reservations and more with TripIt. Simply send all your booking confirmations to TripIt and they’ll create a detailed itinerary that’s accessible from any device. The good part is the itinerary downloads to your device, making it available even when you’re offline. The free version does most everything you could want, but if you want real-time alerts and other features, the pro version is $49 per year.

Road Trippers

Taking a road trip this holiday season? Let Road Trippers serve as your guide. Not only does the app help you plan your trip and avoid traffic delays, but it also makes suggestions for fun, memorable detours. You’ll be amazed at what you can find along the way. A premium version is available that includes offline maps, live traffic conditions and even larger trips with up to 150 stops along the way.


Waze is a must-have for any Christmas getaway road trip. Don’t just rely on a map to get you where you need to be. Avoid heavy holiday traffic. Take the road less traveled. Waze lets you do all of this and more. It’s a GPS app that’s updated with live road conditions from fellow drivers. Avoid construction and accidents so you arrive at your destination earlier. Avoid major highways and interstates for a more scenic drive. It’s all in your hands.

Packing Pro

If you have an iPhone or iPad, Packing Pro is a must. The $2.99 app helps you figure out what to pack by category. You can also include multiple trips at once and plan out your packing well in advance. Add how many people are going, days the trip lasts, type of destination and other filters to get custom recommendations on what you should pack and how much, such as how many clothing changes every person will need.

Give yourself the ultimate gift this Christmas and plan a nice vacation for yourself, your family or you and your friends. Use the apps above to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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