Great Ways For College Graduates To Organize Their Job Search

Great Ways For College Graduates To Organize Their Job Search

  • Job search tools help organize the search.
  • Use college resources to find local jobs hiring.
  • A spreadsheet is the ultimate job search organizational tool.

You’d think all the resources available would make finding a job easier, but instead, it actually makes it more difficult for college graduates to find the right jobs for them.

Finding available positions, keeping track of where you’re applying and when interviews are might seem overwhelming.

However, with a few organizational tips, it’s not so difficult. In fact, you might just discover you find a job sooner than you thought possible.

Let Go Of The Fear

First, let go of your fear that you’ll never find a job. While some of your classmates might have had jobs lined up, it doesn’t mean all the great jobs are gone. According to experts, United States employers are hiring 11% more new college grads than they did in 2018. Plus, the unemployment rate is lower than it’s been in decades, making it even easier to find jobs.

Another thing to help you feel more confident is knowing what hiring managers are looking for. You’ll need more than a degree. In fact, soft skills are just as important. Fortune provides more insight into what employers want that will help you stand out.

Use A Job Search Tool

Job search tools and platforms help you stay organized during your job search. Indeed is one of the most popular options. You can upload your resume, search for available jobs, keep track of where you’ve applied and much more. It’s a good all-in-one option for both local and nationwide jobs. Indeed is also a good option for better understanding what employers are searching for when it comes to different job titles.

Another great option is USAJOBS. This is an official United States government job search tool. If you’re looking for government jobs, look no further. By using USAJOBS, you’ll get many of the same benefits as you would with Indeed, but with no non-government jobs listed. This helps to narrow your search so you find your dream job faster.

Plus, some government jobs come complete with loan forgiveness and even scholarships for continuing education. In fact, non-government jobs may also offer scholarships to help with continuing your education while you work.

Find Local Jobs

If you don’t want to try to dig through tens of thousands of jobs, you should also check the college board from your career resources department. Most colleges have a department that helps connect college graduates with local employers. In fact, some employers may only list their jobs here to provide more opportunities for recent grads.

Some colleges may have job listings organized by type of degree to make it easier. Depending on your school, there may be a college board online or you may need to go to an actual office. Overall, it’s a great way to find jobs hiring in your area that are more likely to hire recent college graduates.

Prepare Your Resume

Staying organized starts by having your resume ready. If you’re applying for different types of jobs, you may need multiple versions that are geared towards specific positions. Once it’s ready, have a paper version and an online version. You can upload it to job search sites, LinkedIn and even your own website (always a plus).

Keep Track Of Applications

Now for the fun part – where have you sent your resume? Even more important, have you heard back yet? Whether you’re using Indeed, USAJOBS, your school’s college board of jobs hiring or something else, you need a system to keep track of everything.

Usually, a spreadsheet works well for this. You can create different columns for jobs hiring that you haven’t applied to yet, jobs you have applied to, which ones have responded, dates of interviews, when you need to follow up and more. You can even use different tabs to organize the different types of positions you’re applying to or even the areas you want to work in.

The better organized you stay, the easier it’ll be to stay on top of where you’re sending your resume, when to prep for interviews and even which job offers you currently have to choose from. Having everything scattered here there and everywhere just makes it more difficult.

College graduates can and will have a job. It may take several months, but by using the right tools and staying organized, the end of the summer just might mean the start of a great new job.

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