Exploring the Cloud-Based—and “Cloud-esque”—Features of WPS Office

Exploring the Cloud-Based—and “Cloud-esque”—Features of WPS Office

As we continue our focus on cloud-based technology, it makes sense to turn our attention to some of the internal components of WPS Office’s office productivity software that rely on cloud technology:

File Roaming
Our File Roaming feature for our free office software is one of the things we’re most excited about when we think about WPS Office. We’ve blogged previously on how File Roaming allows users to access their documents anywhere, from any device. This is a huge convenience factor for both small businesses and personal users, who can take advantage of the ability to store files and data in the cloud, retrieve stored files no matter where they are with a mobile device, and enjoy drag-and-drop file sharing with others.

File Roaming is technically an automatic document backup service, and it lets you gain access to your documents quickly and easily via the WPS Cloud Website, from an iOS device, or through WPS Office for Android. Benefits of this cloud-based service include its auto-save feature that prevents data-loss headaches, the ability to synchronize documents opened on different devices, and the option to backtrack to older versions by reviewing your document history.

PDF to Word Conversion Tool
Another cloud-based tool in the WPS Office suite of office software programs is our PDF to Word Conversion tool. We’ve written previously on this powerful tool as well, since so many of our users find it exciting to be able to convert the previously locked content from a PDF file into a document that’s easy to edit—even on a mobile device.

With the PDF converter, you can modify the files in any of the three WPS Office apps—Writer, Spreadsheets, or Presentation. This means that in Writer you can turn the PDF into a Word file, in Spreadsheets you can convert a PDF into an Excel file, and in Presentation you can morph it into a PowerPoint file—all of which turn previously locked files into ones that you can revise. This helps you avoid the extra work of re-keying files while you keep your formatting intact, since the layout converts directly over to your device—all courtesy of cloud technologies.

Some other unique features of the office software from WPS Office might be considered “cloud-esque” in their nature. While these are technically just limited network communication protocols, they serve as additional examples of how the cloud helps us to be more productive and effective:

Share Play
This cool tool allows you to make a presentation using your mobile device rather than a PC. You can use it to change slides and highlight points you think are important with the literal touch of a finger. Share Play helps you meet the needs of various conference scenarios while enabling full use of a wireless projector, Smart TV, or Smart projector as you make your presentation.

To implement the Share Play feature, you connect equipment through a local area network. The way it works is that each piece of equipment or device participating in Share Play shows an identical interface. In other words, a single device serves as a host to share the played document to other types of equipment.

Wireless Projection
One of the newest cloud-esque features to arrive on the scene in the office productivity software suite from WPS Office is our Wireless Projection capability. Announced at the end of 2016 alongside our new Wire Projection, this feature lets you send your presentation to any Smart Connect TV (DLNA) or Airplay device. (We’ve previously described DLNA as something like a “home cloud” because the hardware operates on a home network—in this case a wireless one.) It’s a lifesaver for those who don’t have a dongle for their iPhone or iPad.

The bottom line is, it’s all about connectivity and convenience—and there’s no better technology than cloud-based ones to deliver that double-punch of power. Stay tuned for more in our cloud series, including tips on how to get ready for spring cleaning through a unique feature that makes it much easier for you to transition to your new cloud-based data management without all of the dead weight.

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