Don’t Make any Excuses on the Path to Career Success: 5 Strategies that Work for Introverts

Don’t Make any Excuses on the Path to Career Success: 5 Strategies that Work for Introverts

There are many different people who often experience the same situation: We write down a list of our most important goals, review them, get excited about them, and then… Then we just forget about what we wrote and keep living as we’ve lived before. Sometimes it’s hard to follow your dreams and to do what you want. This especially applies to introverts. Introverts have to struggle to succeed in the world dominated by extroverts, who are always in the middle of the action and get more recognition.

Introverts are naturally quiet, which is a reason why it’s hard for them to become leaders. They are often labeled as bad team players, and the constant need to compete with overconfident extroverts is another reason why an introvert’s life is so difficult. However, is our environment really preventing us from succeeding or is it ourselves who just get too focused on difficulties? Any difficulties can easily become excuses. You can always find reasons why you cannot apply for some job, go to the gym, or go out for a date. Excuses help us rationalize our actions (or their absence) and they make us feel not responsible for any fails. However, when you make excuses, you also stop trying to overcome difficulties. Your first step on the way to success should be a decision to stop making excuses, and we are going to help you with it.

Why Do We Make Excuses?

Do we make excuses just not to do what we want? It sounds a little weird. The truth is, there are usually some reasons why we choose to make excuses instead of taking actions.


Fear is the main reason why we choose to stay in our comfort zone. Most often, we are afraid of things we don’t know much about. In this case, you can just learn more about these things. Jane Moser, a career coach from Masterra, notes: “Sometimes, people are afraid of situations they can’t predict. In this case, just put more effort into planning and don’t jump to conclusions too early. Making excuses won’t make your fears go away.”


Nobody likes to fail. However, failures are an inevitable part of our lives. There is always a chance of failing, no matter what you do. You should understand that if you fail, you won’t lose anything. Moreover, failures help us learn and give us a valuable experience. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


There will always be people around you who are better at something. It’s not a reason to feel unconfident. When you compare yourself to others, you don’t give yourself a chance for success. Don’t forget that there are also people who are really bad at things that seem simple to you.

5 Strategies for Introverts to Stop Making Excuses on the Path to Career Success

1. Get proactive

Focus on what you want to do and think of how you can do it. Start by writing a list of reasons why you don’t even try it. Write down as many excuses as you want, and when there are no excuses left, take a look at them and ask yourself, do these things indeed stop you? How can you overcome these difficulties? Focus on looking for solutions.

2. Improve your skills

If you’re afraid to apply for some job because you lack certain skills, it shouldn’t stop you. Master the necessary skills, enroll in training programs, take online courses, and do whatever is necessary to obtain these skills. It’s never too late to learn something new.

3. Break your goals down into smaller ones

If you don’t have a clear understanding of how you’re going to achieve your goals, you’ll never make it. If your main goal is career success, it’s a very good goal but it’s also too general. Write a step-by-step plan of how you’re going to achieve it. Small goals are more manageable. We suggest trying the SMART approach: your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based.

4. Establish yourself as an expert

There are many companies who look for talent on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). You can use it to your advantage by posting relevant content. Show your potential employers that you’re really interested in what you’re doing and that you know a lot about your industry. Connect with other people from your field and share opinions. Soon you’ll see that you get noticed by the right people.

5. Create habits that support your objectives

Listen to yourself and determine what is your most productive time of day. Devote this time to achieving your main goals. Plan your everyday routine so that you can do what is necessary to get closer to your objectives. Set reminders and alarms that will help you focus on what is really important.


It’s hard for introverts to succeed in the world dominated by overconfident and talkative people who are always in the middle of the action. However, if something is hard, it’s not impossible. If there are any difficulties that stop you from achieving your goals, you shouldn’t see them as excuses not to try at all. You should stop being afraid and focus on what you can do to get what you want. Just set realistic small goals, plan your everyday activity, and work towards reaching success.

About the Author: Berta Melder is an experienced brand manager and seasoned content creator for many websites. Currently associated with Masterra as a marketing strategist. Being passionate about her job, she constantly tries to bring hygge into the workplace. Follow her on Twitter

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