Don’t Leave for a Job Interview Without these 10 Things

Don’t Leave for a Job Interview Without these 10 Things

May 07, 2019

If you’ve been called for a job interview and you arrive there without your resume, be ready for getting that inevitable look and total rejection. Getting prepared is the only way you can go to an interview and expect to have a sliver of chance for grabbing the job. Trust me when I say this, the recruiting person can instantly spot an unprepared candidate. And the first impression matters all the more when it comes to a job interview. To give you a head-start with your preparation for your interview, here is a list of the must-haves that should accompany you to an interview:

1. Your Resume - It is mandatory to take your resume with you. Not taking your resume with you is the worst thing that you can do in a job interview. It is essential to prepare your file the day before your interview. Make sure your resume is created accurately. Proofreading and editing the resume is crucial, as a little error in this important document can leave a very poor impression on your recruiter.

2. Research about the company - You cannot leave the house for a job interview without doing a detailed research on the company.This becomes more important when you apply for a higher position. Doing the right research will give you the chance to create a connection with the hiring manager. It will also give out the impression that you are eager and enthusiastic regarding the job. This, in return, can present you as a potential candidate.

3. The right attitude and body language - Another essential thing that you must take with yourself is appropriate body language and attitude. A job interview is not a place to start a heated debate when you don’t agree with something. Similarly, it is again not a place to keep nodding with everything that the Recruiting Manager says. Along with this, having a smile on the face is a must when appearing in an interview.

4. Appropriate clothing and appearance - You should always dress appropriately for an interview. Depending on the job you are applying, through your attire, the hiring manager will instantly form an opinion about you. Don’t wear a hat or put on a very strong perfume. Find clothes that are suitable for a job interview. Search the internet for colors that are appropriate while appearing for job interviews. Overall, your appearance should give the vibe that you are serious about the interview and convince your recruiter that you are far from being very casual or callous about it.

5. A pen and a writing pad - It will again give out a wrong impression if you ask for a pen from the hiring manager at the time of a job interview. In case you need to sign a paper or write down something, you will have to keep a pen handy. Having a notepad can help you to note down some information about the company. You can also use it to note down the questions you want to ask the recruiters. Taking these things to the interview will show that you have done your preparation before coming here.

6. Prepare your story - In a job interview, you will be inevitably asked the “tell me about yourself” question. Your answer should be prepared beforehand, and you must not start making a story on the spot. You must know where to start and where to end, and which story fits which category. You can prepare stories about the time you solved an issue in a team, the time when you made a mistake but also learned from it, or the time when you took the role of a leader. If you have your stories prepared beforehand, you will sound authentic, and you can also deliver the answer with more confidence.

7. Have the directions to the venue in hand - There can be nothing worse than coming late for an interview. You can’t give excuses like “I got lost”, “I couldn’t figure out the address”, etc. Thus, you must examine the direction very carefully and learn exactly where you need to go. Have the name and phone number of the contact person handy, so that you can contact him/her if required. If it is possible, you can check the location a day or two before the job interview to know where the location is and how long it takes to reach there. Always make an attempt to arrive at the place at least 15 minutes earlier than the given time.

8. A handy folder - One thing that you should carry with you to an interview is a folder to keep your documents in an organized manner. You don’t want to rummage through your papers to find out the ones you need. This will also portray your organization skills in front of the Recruiting Manager. Keep a folder of the right size that will hold all your papers properly.

9. Reference list and work samples- You must bring a printed copy of references to present it to the Recruiting Manager. It should include the names of those referencing and their contact number. You must ensure that you include only those references which can demonstrate that you are capable for the post you are applying for. Along with this, also take the previous work samples. These should be according to the type of job you are applying for. For some types of jobs, it will be mandatory to bring work samples, and for some, it won’t. Even if it is not mandatory, you should bring printed copies, or you must bring the URLs of your work if they have been published online.

10. Questions to ask - At the end of the interview, you will be asked to tell about any question that you might have about the company. If you simply ask about the perks and bonuses that are provided by the company, it won’t make a good impression. Thus, you must prepare a list of the questions that you would want to ask the hiring manager. For this, you can search the company’s website and the director or CEO’s LinkedIn profiles. Along with this, you can also do a specific research on the industry that the company belongs to know and clarify your doubts regarding the latest things that are happening there.

With the correct preparation, you can nail any job interview. All you need to do is learn what is appropriate for the job interview you are appearing for. The next time you appear for an interview, don’t forget to take the things mentioned above. Adhere to the suggestions to leave a lasting impression and bag the job of your dreams.

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